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Viver$wag, aka Vivian Ramirez, was a third year fourth year and attended Duke TIP at Davidson, Duke East, and TAMU. She is native to Houston(H-Town, H-Tizzle, Space City, etc.), Texas. She is mostly known for befriending younger TIPsters and dancing her *ss off.

First Year

Her first year, she applied to go to TAMU, but because of sending in the application the day before the due date, she was not accepted. Sad day. This could explain why she harbors a "hate" for Texas A&M and is a Longhorn (Hook'Em!) fan.

Second Year

Vivian spent her second year at Davidson among first and second years. She was in Samantha's RC group and was roommates with Alex Porter, but her absolute besties were Kirsten Shultz, Anna Wickham and Natalie Yocum. She took the Cryptogrophy course which became well known throughout the camp seeing as Vivian and her best guy friend, Alex Thomas George, aka Jorge, along with Alex LaDue would always make Ryan Reza (fellow Houstonian) laugh to the point were he would start crying tears of laughter. Also, the first week there, she coined the name "Lady Morgans" for the volleyball group that dominated in evening activity. The group included Kirsten, Annna, Natalie, Jordan Perras and the amazing Elizabeth Trinh. The name came from the fact that they were females and because Morgan was one of the RCs who led the activity. the name "Morgan's Ladies" was suggested at first, but it was considered not TIPpropriate. Another thing Vivian was known for was her drawings. At Davidson, there was paper on the bottom half of the walls so that TIPsters could draw their hearts out. Many (four actually) of her RC mates would draw Anime in the corner, but Vivian drew Houston (kinda) and her friends' names which they all took home at the end of the term. Although she was known for dancing, she did not dance at Davidson since it was her first year and she did not understand the relationship between jumping up and down and dancing. Many were aware of Vivian and her friends since all they did was have fun and they ended up having the best TIPventure there.

Third Year

Although fourth year tends to be the best year, this was not the case for Vivian, her third year was at Duke East (The Beast) during Term 2 which is probably the best campus/term in all of TIP mainly because of their llove for tradition and TIP. She attended BizCamp in June which is why she knew some TIPsters beforehand. She was in 's RC group, known as Cally!'s Creepers even though she wasn't a creeper herself (kinda). She stayed at Brown and roomed with Karishma Daftary, an amazing roomie. Her friends in the RC group were Erin Reily, Emily Smid and Kaya Gringas, whom she knew from BizCamp. She was also good friends with Alexis Jones (fellow volleyball bad*ss) and Dominique Scott (Funniest person alive and D$tacks) from the third floor. She took Microeconomics and was not good at it (she admits this saying "it's not my thing"). There, she befriended Emily Butka, an amazing second year, if not the awesomest. She was not close to any fourth years since the Llama creeped her out (if a person is not enlightened about the Llama, then it is hard to Llove) but later on she developed Llove for East's unique traditions. She was very artistic, mostly in her Microeconomics notebook since her and Emily drew a lot. She designed the back of the Microeconomics shirt which read "Basic Cultural Literacy" which she had none of. She also made Jay King's Ultimate Frisbee jersey for the Staff vs. Lazer Dragons game. The shirt is badass and epic. Although she wasn't part of most traditions, Vivian enjoyed them a lot and from afar and thinks this was her best TIP experience.

Fourth Year

She was part of Kendall's RC group, The Butterfly Circus (located in the Enchanted Forest of $wag). At TAMU, she and her roomate Melissa "Snooki$wag" Falzon were in Neuropsychology, where they met Viver$wag's soon to be adopted 2nd year Brad Koblitz (Brad$wag). Vivian enjoys hanging with $wag people, eating at Sbisa ( one likes eating at Sbisa, But she does like Happy Yogurt), and cleverly insulting others. She is hilarious, awesome, and most of all $wag. Although she was suppose to go to a center campus, she is one of the few people who has ever crossed over to an academy campus. She was the "Hispanic with attitude" on the family tree and started the laundry tradition. She has an Ultimate Frisbee status of undefeated because her fourth year was her only year in which she played a game. She played her only 3 games during Aggfest in which the grey team dominated. Her 4th year lanyard is in the hands of Brad$wag. The lanyard is usually handed off to a third year, but Vivian lacked an extremely close bond to any third years, since second years seemed more welcoming to her. Also, her legacy is to be continued by her brother Edward "Eddie" Ramirez.

                                                                                                         I love you Vivian!