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Brad Koblitz, also known as Brad$wag, is the second year who brought swag (and sexy) back. The only reason swag left was because swag does not leave Brad's side, mostly because swag is a state of being to Brad.

First Year

Brad's TIPventure began at KU Term 1. He took Intro to Medical Science and was well known for his $wag.

Second Year

His second year, Brad made the wise decision to go to TAMU. There, he was reunited with some friends, such as Kyle Gardner, Ime Reuben and Edward Ramirez. Edward Ramirez specifically was the key to the success of Brad's second year. Edward Ramirez, a fellow second year, was accompanied by his swagfilled sister, Vivian "Viver$wag" Ramirez, who decided to attend Term 1 at TAMU instead of Term 2 at Duke East. Brad and Vivian both had Neurophyschology and Vivian decided to sit next to Brad on the first day because her younger brother had said, quote: "I know him from last year! He's cool." Their abundance of swag was also a factor since not any second year can befriend a fourth year on their first day. Their friendship evolved and they became as close as a second year and a fourth year could be with room for Jeffrey. They also walked (more like ran because of Sanjeev) under the Century Tree with Melissa "Snooki$wag" Falzon in order to ensure that they'd be friends forever. After getting disqualified from Roll Call, Brad got most, if not all the second floor boys to support The Butterfly Circus, Vivian's RC, which ultimately led to their win. Sadly, they could not be together for Aggfest. Viver$wag was in grey (1st place team) while Brad$wag was in Red, who got last. It may seem like he was lacking swag, but he made an excellent chant that was cut off at the last minute which explains the downfall of the Red Spartans. Brad$wag became Viver$wag's adopted second year throughout the term and she bestowed upon him her fourth year lanyard, which is rare because they are traditionally passed down to a third year from a fourth year. Also Snooki$wag bestowed to him her notorious phrase "TOMA" to Brad$wag along with her collection of cheesy jokes so he would be able to cheese it up back at home. Brad$wag was also known to dress in his scrubs while walking in the streets along with his swag planking skills.

Third Year

Lost at UGA

Fourth Year

After returning home to Tamu for his final year of Tip (Modern Med 1), Brad$wag was a household name (though not initially welcomed with open arms). As the first day progressed, the Queens (Elizabeth Metzger & Brittany Fitzgerald) began to recognize how Brad$wag had grown and developed into a more sophisticated and swagtastic human being, thus B-rad was born. B-rad soon became the reigning figure head for Tamu Term 1 after marrying the widowed Queen Metzger. B-rad put his power into use by coining the indescribable sound of glory and community, "AYYYYYY". On the second Monday of the term, the TAMU Family Tree was chopped down by the TAMU staff, thus causing B-rad to declare to second Monday at TAMU to be known as LumberJack Day. B-rad has 3 children: Laurynn Garcia, Richard Collins, & Peter Bonacci. Pete, being the Mini-Brad, received the Legacy Chalice as well as Brad's 4th year lanyard. B-rad was also the captain of the student team during the annual Staff v. Student ultimate game.

Pete will bring Brad's legacy back to TAMU in his 4th year (2014) B-rad was the proud recipient of a bandanna and blue lanyard from the TAMU RLC Nick Warrington

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