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Agfest is the Texas equivalent of Quadfest. The name comes from the team name of A&ampM; The Aggies (Gig em!). The tipsters are divided into four groups; green, yellow, blue, and red. It is unknown by she who is writing how they divide teams. AgFest is based on the life of FDR.

Activities Offered

Tipster Selects

In these activities, the tipster signs up for what they want to do. Tipsters may participate in only one activity. Groups are usualy uneven as teams are sometimes uneven. Asterisk (*) indicates minimum female participation.

  • Trivia
  • Ultimate Frisbee*
  • Field Games
  • Soccer*

They also have a tug of war, in which anyone can join, and team cheers, which kind of kick off the entire affair.

On the first Sunday they have a scavenger hunt, and the first three rc groups to get back get aggie points towards their color teams. (the entire RC group is one color)


Prize chosen is in parenthese next to team name

Term One 2008

  1. Yellow (Trip to the MSC during free time)
  2. Blue
  3. Green (RC's wait on team at dinner)
  4. Red
  • If anyone remembers what the Blue team and Red team selected as their prize, fill it in; I'm almost certian one of the remaining prizes was to sign up first for activities, but I'm unsure who chose it.

P.S. The trip to the MSC was for like 10 minutes, but not completely useless.

Term Two 2010

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Green & Yellow (Grellow)
  4. White

Term One 2011


Grey, 37 Wolfpack

The Wolfpack was composed of:

Grey won the Ultimate Frisbee game by beating Green 3-0 and then beating Blue (idk the score) and also the staff (I also don't know that score)

The Ultimate team included Nick Lowrimore(Coach:), Edward Lopez, Cyrus Motanya, Juan "Richard Streudel" Hermoza, Daniel, Isaac Nathan, Lazarus "Conglomeration" Obas, Eric Cedotal, Michael Ross, Jason Mikels, Amir, Aaron, Chloe Zagrodzky, Vivian "ViverSWAG" Ramirez and Nati Cervoni.

They won the "Chant-Off" with:

  • Wa hee ha hee ha ho ho ho GREY!
  • Pretty Grey Swag
  • GREY! (Shots)
  • We're the three best groups.

They also got:

  • 1st in the 5-legged race
  • 1st in Tug-O-War by beating Blue and then Green.
  • 2nd in DizzyBats
  • Last in Water Balloon Toss


Blue , The Smurfs/ Smurf Squad Six (This was the Ultimate Team's name.)


Green, Mean Green Platypi

Made up of Whit's, Courtney's, and Sandra's (Frog Lady) RC groups!


Red, Red Spartans

Term Two 2011


  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Yellow & Grey

The red team's basketball team was "stacked" (described by the other teams) they had two strong, fast point guards of african decent, one could actually shoot. The red team won both games by double digits only being scored on 6 times making the point count for both games 30 - 6.

The margin between the Red and Blue Team was three. The Blue Team did not participate in volleyball and had a 30 point deficit, meaning that if Blue had participated in volleyball and came in fourth Blue would have won. Also, because a blue member was signed up in the crafts event and didn't know it, if this said member was to show up for the crafts event at all and placed last place, Blue team would have (again) won.

Frisbee The Blue Team dominated in frisbee, beating Grellow 5-0. Green winning against Red faced the Blue Team, it was a game that went on to long and had to be ended in sudden death, with Blue on top 2-1.

Term One 2012

  • 1st place: Green Team (Brandon's, Kimberly's, Gabby's, Sandra's, Rachel's RC Groups)
  • 2nd Place: Blue Team-True Blue (Azhar's, Lindsey's, Debbie's, Genevieve's, & Julian's RC Groups)
  • 3rd Place: Red Team- Red Army (Kendall's, Joselito's, Prisca's, Jordan's & Amy's RC Groups)

^Feel free to make changes because I'm not sure if those groupings are correct!

Term Two 2012

In order:

  1. Yellow
  2. Blue
  3. Red
  4. Green

The yellow team won, with 14 4th year girls and only 2nd and 3rd year boys, over all and received a decent prize (pizza and ice cream instead of Rudder Tower.. I'd say that's pretty decent if you ask me..). However, the second place blue team was awarded the far superior loaf of bread which was then given to the keeper of the bread Charlie Tipdogg, and who also won trivia for the blue team at Aggfest (and who apparently likes to brag about himself.. nice one tipdogg..).