The Butterfly Circus

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The Butterfly Circus is Kendall's RC group for TIP at TAMU Term 1 2011. It is located in the Enchanted Forest of Swag, also known as the far right side of the 2nd floor which was a popular hang out sport for many TIPsters. Kendall decided to go with the theme of Butterfly Circus because she was inspired by a video named, "The Butterfly Circus" which the RC watched as a whole after the last dance. These girls were also known to roam through Moses singing "You and I" along with other various songs at the top of their lungs


  • Giovanni "Gio" Barron
  • Elizabeth Turner
  • Camille Wilson
  • Miranda Lewis
  • Devyn Davis
  • Victoria "Tori" Kingcade
  • Vivian "Viver$wag" Ramirez
  • Chloe Zagrodzky
  • Jessica Spicer
  • Melissa "Snooki$wag" Falzon
  • Theresa "Traci" Gallman
  • Ashika Ganguly

Roll Call

On the first Sunday at TIP, the tradition of Roll Call was held with the theme of Disney. After practicing for hours in the afternoon, The Butterfly Circus won Roll Call with their outstanding performance of "I've Got No Strings" from Pinocchio. They also had the support of The 2nd floor boys (mostly Brad$wag, who said, quote: "I made a sign!" He had indeed made a sign, which hung outside of the Enchanted Forest of Swag until it fell, then it was in Vivian's closet for about a week and no, it is in her house.) since they were all disqualified from Roll Call due to an incident of the bathrooms. It is very rare when a girl group wins first place, Kendall has always placed at Roll Call, but a boy in a dress almost always seemed to win (Sad day). This makes winning first place even more meaningful because the girls made Kendall proud.

Gio's "Leaving"

Gio left TIP exactly halfway through. It was on the Wednesday of the second week due to stomach pain and she was not pregnant! (Vivian Ramirez confirmed) She came back Friday morning, missing out on Tori's birthday, which was on Thursday, but not on the cake, which came the following Wednesday on the final RC night. Upon Gio's "leaving" the Butterfly Circus took the "last" RC photo.

The Case Of The Lost Lanyard

Towards the end of camp, Traci Gallman lost her lanyard. Many, if not all, would take this seriously. Except, of course, The Butterfly Circus. Traci started freaking out. She had taken off her lanyard to take off her fashionable Texas Rangers t-shirt and put on a fresh one. She also went to the restroom, and you need a key on your lanyard to get in. Meaning, she had it in the restroom, somewhere in her room, or Moses (residential dorm). Her RC mates were also of no assistance. Ashika Ganguly and Chloe Zagrodkzy walked in. It may seem like they would have helped, but all they wanted was for Traci to say, "Hey Apple," because she does a good job at it. The Butterfly Circus proceeded to trash Traci's room in search of the missing lanyard while Traci went into a panic attack and continued to scream at and accuse Camille(her roomate) of stealing her lanyard.

Vivian: Hey, Traci.


Vivian: No, can I have a SweetTart?

Finally after about 15 minutes of The Butterfly Circus trashing Traci's room and laughing at her hysteria, the lanyard was found behind Camille's trunk thing. At night, after all was laughed at and some what forgotten, Traci told Camille,"Camille, I'm putting my lanyard on the desk, if it is not there in the morning, I will kill you."

You & I

Many who were there probably recall The Butterfly Circus singing "You & I" by Ingrid Michaelson at the talent show. Their passion for this song started on their very first RC meeting when they went over everything and had time leftover. Kendall, with her ukelele, and their fairy godmother, Kristen, sang "You & I" to them for the very first time and it was love at first verse. They also sang songs such as "I'm yours" and "Hey, Soul Sister." The girls sang this song throughout the three weeks at TIP and many TIPsters thought it was awkward, since their is a high pitch chorus, but some caught on, like Brad Koblitz, who supported The Butterfly Circus by attending their audition along with Edward Lopez.

Shower Songs

Although many view fourth year girls as stuck up and snooty, this is not the case with The Butterfly Circus. In reality, they are all a bunch of dorks. The shower songs, which is the act of everyone showering and the people waiting on the shower singing in harmony, started with Melissa Falzon and Vivian Ramirez. They were really comfortable with eachother since they both had Neuropsychology, they ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together and they were roommates. The only time they were seperated, was when showering, but even then they showered in adjacent stalls. On a regular day, or night, since that's when all the girls shower, Melissa bestowed upon Vivian a pink razor. Vivian, being clumsy as she is, dropped it and it fell in Ashika Ganguly's shower. This sparked the conversation and it evolved into singing. Some of the songs they sing are:

  • You & I by Ingrid Michaelson
  • Fireflies by Owl City
  • Tik Tok by Ke$ha
  • Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears
  • I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys
  • Don't Stop Believing


  • Hey Apple
  • Poor Duck
  • Boys Will Be Girls
  • Mean Girls
  • Starbucks/Happy Yogurt
  • Kendall's Grassy Knoll Admirer From Afar
  • Pelvic Thrusts
  • Queen Bees
  • The Mind of Devyn