Save the English Majors Foundation!

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Save the English Majors Foundation! was a play written by Maxine for Writing for the Stage which was selected as one of the Top Three Most Produceable/Best Plays. The play tells the story of Claire and Brendan, two best friends and apparently the last English Majors on the face of the planet, who are kidnapped and circulated in various zoos and parks until they daringly escape, only to be killed by poachers. They leave behind a daughter, who discovers them--in a museum. Touching, funny, and memorable, Save the English Majors Foundation! deals with animal rights and the death of art in life.

It was directed by Maddie and performed on the last day of class for the Shakespeare class and various staff members. The cast is as follows:

  • Claire: Emma
  • Brendan: John Michael
  • Maggie: Elizabeth
  • Sophie: Rhett
  • Poacher 1: Padre/Dan
  • Poacher 2: Steve
  • The Voice: Josh
  • Zookeeper: Padre/Dan
  • Preserve Worker: Elizabeth
  • SEMF worker: Rhett