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Padre, also known as Dan, was a really awesome third year who was in third floor Pegram and took Writing for the Stage at East Term II, '06. Dan was witty, random, and liked to dance. He also gave out good advice to girls concerning guys. His made-up on the spot stories that he told at dinner for his RAG became legendary. The Jolly Little Napkin is being published as we speak.

Apparently, his name came about during the first RAG meeting in which he was asked his name. He replied, "Dan," but apparently it sounded like, "Dad," which was quickly translated into Spanish, as we have done with "Llama" and so forth.

Padre was well-loved by TiPsters everywhere, namely the author of this page, as he once helped a friend of ours, coining the phrase, "Padre deserves flowers." We couldn't buy him flowers, so we ended up drawing flowers on paper, and then on my arms with the Llama Pens.

We tortured him with hypothetical questions about things we wanted to ask guys, wasting his time, and... he helped. Kind of.

In class, Padre contributed to discussions and, during the production of Save the English Majors Foundation!, he did a beautiful job as Poacher No. 1, and a Zookeeper.

Padre is cool.

Padre now runs a website at However, he never updates it and has moved on to other things.