Scott Basford

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Scott Basford is an RC in Brown for Duke TIP EAST.

He does not like people touching his hair.

Scott has had numerous songs created by his RAG for him, particularly during East term 1 2011. Various songs include: The 12 Days of Scottmas, Scott (to the tune of LMFAO's "Shots") and many more.

He is well known for being a fitness guru, as evident by his sleeveless shirts.

After watching the movie "Mean Girls" with another RAG, Scott's 2011 term 1 Rag was inspired by the line "Oh Kevin G!". From the point on, much of Brown dorm would exclaim "Oh Scotty B" whenever Scott entered a room.

Scott's 2011 Duke east RAG had a particularly adventurous RAG night with Steve Wazny's RAG. They created their own version of "Epic Meal Time" and it was awesome.

Scott enjoyed throwing the frisbee with his RAG, which was the best RAG at ultimate, having 3 members start on watercolors: Christian Krueger (2012 captain), Foster Starks, and James Walker.