She who shall not be named

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She Who Shall Not Be Named, named also as Sabrina or Shorty or Short Sabrina or That Girl, is a second year TIPster at Trinity, Term 2 2012.

She Who Shall Not Be Named has committed atrocities like abusing the RC's by insulting sports capabilities, "throwing" fire a reported 92 times, and simply being of short stature.

In her defense, She Who Shall Not Be Named has one of the biggest hearts at TIP, unless of course we're speaking literally in which case she probably has one of the smallest. That aside, She Who Shall Not Be Named is widely known even among staff as being extremely cheerful and spunky, which is sometimes frightening since we expect her to eventually run out of the energy that fuels her: mini-sized Sprite.

Though She Who Shall Not Be Named claims to better than certain RC's at sports, this is completely false and unsubstantiated. Any claims to the contrary should be brushed off as baseless banter and should be completely ignored.

The Future of She Who Shall Not Be Named

RC's Michael and Kyle also knighted She Who Shall Not Be Named alongside Smeagol by the power vested in them by Her Majesty the Freezy Pop, giving She Who Snall Not be Named the destiny of becoming the leader of the SMP at Duke East.