Shut Up Clarke

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"Shut Up Clarke" is the most popular phrase at LSU Term 2's 2017 Engineering Problem Solving Class. It is now used whenever Clarke McDonald says something even remotely stupid.


It all began on a lovely morning in the second week. The EPS class built bridges to test which could hold the most weight, and one team's bridge had already surpassed all the sand buckets available to test with. So naturally, Nikhil hung off the bridge to see if it would hold him (it did). Then, Clarke began to complain about where Nikhil's legs were placed as being unfair. Caden Hanson quickly grew tired of this and, while recording it on Snapchat, yelled, "Shut up Clarke!" The whole class exploded in laughter and the phrase was quickly said whenever anyone complained. The LSU Term 2 2017 EPS group chat is rumored to be called "Shut up Clarke" but this has not been confirmed. (It has now been confirmed by the creator of the group chat and the group chat name, Alex Sowatzka). Another 3rd year in Caden's class, Alex Sowatzka, would yell "shut up clarke" whenever clarke would be annoying. Even though Caden created it, Alex and Caden both enforced it.