Social Psychology: Term 1 2017 Duke West

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Social Psychology was the best class of Term 1, or some may even say the entire year, at Duke West.



Teacher and T.A.:

  • Calvin
  • Isaiah


  • Loobcoob
  • Oobloobxoobndroob
  • Coobroobloob
  • Joobsoobph
  • Oobnoobbooblloob
  • Looboobh
  • Rooboob
  • Oobllooboob
  • Moobghnoob
  • Coobrloob
  • Joobmoobloob
  • Roobsoob
  • Hooblloob
  • Tooboobloobr
  • Kooblooboob
  • Moobggooboob
  • Moobchooboobl
  • Cooblvoobn
  • Oobsoobooboobh
  • Toobtoob

Term Book Quotes

“Taylor, you’re so pale you’re a milky milk.” - Alexandra

“Is that Jesus? Well I’m Jewish, you can’t expect me to know.” - Anabelle

“They literally kill him in a pit of forgotten memories.” - Carly

“I honestly think Space Jam is a fever dream.” - Carole

“Chairs are real blessings to this world.” - Ellie

“Seattle is wild.” - Holly

“What would be a sad little bean? Garbanzo?” - Jamila

“I didn’t know your girlfriend was a stuffed monkey.” - Joseph

“Don’t yuck someone else’s yum.” - Kylee

“Back to noodling and no canoodling.” - Leah

“I’m gonna live a party life and then just die.” - Lucy

“We’re comfortable with saying anything in here, including propaganda.” - Maggie

“You might think your legs are asleep, but they’re not. They’re dead.” - Meghna

“I’m totally down for some spoon memes.” Michael

“Can you guys just not kill me for one round?” - Ray

“Would you rather have finger-long legs, or leg-long fingers?” - Rose

“I don’t want to go outside. There’s a sun.” - Tate

“What are we happening?” - Taylor

“I’m a sad little bean sometimes. Everyone gets their sad little bean phase.” - Isaiah

“Veggie town is a scam.” - Calvin

Calls and Responses

  • Finger-long legs! -> Leg-long fingers!
  • Hey! -> Where's Calvin?
  • Coincidence? -> I think not!
  • Oh my gosh. -> Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. (repeat until stopped)

The Lunch Social Experiment (Not Your Mom's Social Experiment)

In this experiment performed by the Social Psychology class of 2017 Term 1, students were studying social norms, expectations, and stereotypes. Instructor Calvin told them to try breaking these unspoken rules for themselves and study the responses of other Tipsters. Examples of breaking social norms included, but were not limited to: awkward eye contact, physical contact, making small talk with deep personal questions, eating on the floor, wearing glasses upside down, ordering food in French, singing loudly, yelling at people, asking people to hold people, and stroking people's hair and face. Overall, this experiment was very successful and gave the class a lot of hands-on experience with social psychology, and the psychology of TiP students. (One student would like to add that this experiment was a slight failure because of the reputation of this class and the unflappable nature of Tipsters. Not far into the meal, students would ask the experimenters if they were in Social Psychology, and failure to answer would only confirm this.)

Class Pets

  • Dwayne the Rock (Dwoobynoob)
  • DJ
  • Planty (Ploobntoob) RIP

There is currently a petition for a pet dog, but this is not official yet.


The 2017 Term 1 class of Social Psychology decided to play the well-known game of Assassin to unite the group when they were not in the classroom. The class debated on the rules and regulations for their version of Assassin and decided that the game could only be played during free time, or while waiting to depart to class for the day. There were, in the original draft played in rounds one and two, two safeguards that could be used to prevent an assassination.

1. Placing your finger on your nose.

2. Performing a ninja pose.

Later it was found that the 'ninja pose' was too ambiguous of a term, and that it was too difficult to distinguish between regular arm placement, and was thus removed from the final two rounds.

Round 1 Winner: Carly

Round 2 Winner: Kylee

Round 3 Winner: Jamila

Round 4 Winner: Alexandra


  • Made in Daneland
  • XXX Shook
  • 12 Spicy Men
  • Isaiah Squatting
  • BoohBah

Lucy's Origami

Alexandra - A Small Shirt (to match her XXX large one)

Anabelle - A Gay Box (because she's the gayest)

Calvin - A Tiny Spice Shaker (to remember his spiciest class)

Carly - A Star of David (because she won Jew Jitsu)

Carole - A Box (because she thought she would like it)

Ellie - Cactus (to remember Planty)

Holly - A Puppy (because she loves dogs)

Isaiah - A Tiny Spice Shaker (to remember his spiciest class)

Jamila - A Rose (to represent her greatest enemy)

Joseph - A Spoon (with the advice to spoon the right people)

Kylee - A Tree (because she asked for one)

Leah - An Edgy Pink Dragon (because)

Maggie - Boxes (because she asked for so many)

Michael - A Box with a Butterfly in it (because he asked for a box and butterflies are pretty)

Meghna - A Pair Skinny Jeans (don't let your legs die)

Ray - A Crane (because of how he runs)

Rose - A Bunny (because of her meme account)

Tate - A Heart Box with Stars in it (because she's the star of our hearts)

Taylor - A Sock (because of her meme account)

4th Years

  • Leah
  • Meghna
  • Michael
  • Rose

Things That are Bad for You

  • Water
  • The Moon
  • Anything that's not Meat
  • Coffee
  • Oxygen
  • Circles


The shirt for this class was in the color of light steel. On the shirt there was the quote:

"Water is the reason you're crying at the club." - Social Psych

On the front of the shirt it simply says:

Duke TiP 2017

Quote List Final Standings

1. Lucy

2. Tate

3. Alexandra