Social Pyschology

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Social psychology is the formal study of the ways in which individuals affect one another. Examine how people's attitudes, biases, and behaviors are influenced by other people and how these influences affect society as a whole. Explore the ways social psychologists use the scientific method to study people's thoughts and behaviors in social situations and how ethical principles govern their research. Discuss and debate topics such as the self, prejudice, gender, race, conformity, obedience, aggression, group influence, and pro-social behavior. Drawing from examples in the media, law, politics, history, culture, and our own lives, examine how we are affected by social relationships and what a difference these relationships make in the way we live"

Background Info

Social Psychology(also known as SoPsych, SoPsych Squad, Social Psychos, THEM, etc.) is a class that was present at Duke West Term 1 2015. They were the swaggiest class to ever set foot on Duke campus. The instructor was Sarah C., and the TA was Taylor Jones(also known as the most beautiful hipster being ever to exist).

Inside Jokes

  • "FIGHT ME IN IRL" -Sophia
  • "Yeah" -Frankie
  • "LET TAYLOR LIVE" -Frankie
  • "Can we go to the cafe?" "No" -Darla and Taylor respectively
  • "I am gets nervous around boys" -Alana
  • Becca's object permanence, or lack thereof
  • "TAYLOR JONES, I LOVE YOUR WORK!" -Max, and eventually everyone on campus
  • "Dealin' and Wheelin'" -Maya