Sofia Cosie

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Sofia Lucia Cosie

  • (AKA Sophia Lucy Cozy.)
  • (AKA the best Italian ever)
  • (AKA grilled chicken addict)
Sofia Cosie
Pronouns she/her
Campus(es) Rice t2
Attended 2018
Course(s) Abnormal Psychology
RAG(s) {{{rag}}}
Roommate(s) Christie Vernon
Social Media

TIP 2018

Sofia went to Rice University term 2 in 2018 as a first-year third-year, which mad her genetically inferior to third-year third years such as Andreana. She took Abnormal Psychology which she somehow managed to get a 4/5 rating despite sleeping through a good amount of class. Her, Andreana, and Mira were in the same group in class from the second to the third week, and they bonded over Loss, disliking one specific person, and became friends. Together, they created such masterpieces as Shitshow: A PSA and all of their case studies.

When Sofia wasn't in class, she was probably breaking some rule. I can't disclose exactly which rules because snitches get snitches, but let's just say we are all glad Sofia didn't get Tipspelled. She hung around the fourth year boys and Ash mostly, and was basically never in her room. As well, she often said very controversial, problematic things, resulting in her needing the PR services of Andreana and Christie, who would always try and rationalize her statements and make them sound less problematic than they actually were. (Trust me, they were problematic).


  • Andreana (They met online beforehand but neither expected to actually be friends, but they ended up being friends because Andreana is great)
  • Ash
  • Kyle
  • Kenneth
  • Joyce
  • Emily
  • Christie (And they were roommates. Oh my god, they were roommates!)
  • John (They were a thing so like... by default...?)