Sophia Sang

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Sophia Sang
Campus(es) Wake Forest Term 2 2018, Rice University Term 1 2019
Attended 2018-
Course(s) Beyond Baker Street, Astronautical Engineering
RAG(s) Ahd, Lauren Keith
Roommate(s) Celeste 2018, Lee Houchin 2019
Social Media

Sophia Sang is a tipster. She attended Wake Forest Term 2 in 2018, where she took Beyond Baker Street and was a member of Ahd’s RC group. She attended Rice Unviersity Term 1 in 2019, where she took Astronautical Engineering and was a member of the LlamaSquad. She is Chaotic Neutral and was voted Most Likely to Engage in Baguette Blackmail.

Most Notably

  • ~Cronch~
  • She forgot her lanyard a lot.
  • Duct tape lord
  • Good at making friendship bracelets
  • Sophia is a really cool and helpful person. She was one of the only members of the LlamaSquad that was almost always on time, and she always volunteered to help whenever RC Lauren needed it, like when they decided to make TIPWiki pages for everyone and RC Lauren was technologically incompetent.