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Sparky is and forever will be the symbol of safety. It is ironic that he had to be saved from the depths of the tree where he would have stayed until his death had it not been for Kevin (40%) and the person whom he described as "very tall and he had a pool cue" (60%). Kevin did not know his name.

Here is the story: At East Term 1 2012, Sparky the traffic cone got thrown (this is an assumption) into a tree at some point in the distant past, for when he was rescued his topside was discolored, thus incapacitating his ability to perform as a suitable traffic cone. So, after Kevin had "tall guy" save Kevin from the tree, he brought Sparky to the Game Theory classroom. At this point the whole class had fallen in love with Sparky, and it was decided that he would be the class pet of all Term 1 Game Theory classes to come. Since Sparky was a rescue, it is unknown his exact age, however, it is believed that his tenure in the tree was roughly 365 days. Sparky is a new tradition to East campus, and he will be passed down each year to the succeeding Game Theory class. Sparky was discovered under the reign of Justin and Brock.

Here are the guidelines to take good care of Sparky (Yes, he does have feelings and he does require attention, just like any other pet):

-Sparky will be displayed prominently in the Game Theory classroom during the term

-Sparky will be treated as an equal pupil in all respects, he is NOT to be harassed in any way

-Each member of a Term 1 Game Theory class will sign Sparky, including their name the date and what year they were at the time of signing (2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year)

-At the talent show, any previous year's Game Theory TiPsters will ceremoniously present Sparky to the person chosen by the current Game Theory class to take him home and return with him the next year. That person is Sparky's "Master". The TiPster chosen to be Sparky's Master must be the one with the highest chance of coming back the next year. If his master is not able to return with Sparky the next year, than every effort shall be made to return him to East campus.