State Fair

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State fair is a tradition at Texas A&M, where on the 1st Saturday after arrival TIPsters spend the period of time after Saturday classes outside doing various activities. This is not to be confused with AGGfest, however the points earned during state fair are added to one's Aggfest score.

Some activities included in 2011:

  • The doughnut eating contest - in which donuts were hung from a tree with a string and the TIPsters competing raced to see who could eat their donuts 1st, without the use of hands.
  • Blindfolded Water toy grabbing contest- 3 people would be blindfolded around a small wading pool. Then, using their off hand only, they would attempt to grab the most balls out of the pool. Hilarity ensued when the RC in charge, Scott, would either trick the TIPsters by dropping a ball in and then grabbing it back out immediately, or not placing in balls in the wading pool for some period of time. Many of the boys remarked that it was a particularity vicious sport, and the girls involved quite a lot of splashing and in one case, cheating by the onlookers.
  • Tennis Ball Bowling
  • Football Toss
  • Hula hooping
  • Ring around the bottle
  • Face Painting- most Criminal Law class, including the instructor Alex(term one), had "We ♥ Tim" painted on their faces/arms. Tim being the TA during that term.

NOTE: (Abbey started this trend)

After two hours, all the RC groups draw an item out of a box and then have an hour and one-half to create a skit around the item drawn. (This is not to be confused with Roll Call).