State Your Case: The Art of Debate

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State Your Case: The Art of Debate, more commonly referred to as State Your Case or SYC, can be described simply as what happens when argument-happy TIPsters are placed in the same room.

Term II 2006

This term was taught by Mitch Frye, notorious for his deadly sandal, and the TA was Charisma, notable for starting a feud with IR and for her good taste in "satire". The class's syllabus features argument theory, Lincoln-Douglas debates, and a magazine project. The class actually features boring Jimmy Carter speeches where everyone falls asleep, insulting of IR, and debate over ridiculous things.

Main inside jokes: Elizabeth and her "I BEG TO DIFFER!", Mya and Emily's theft of the noodle Bob, the eye on the podium, the rapper clique (all 1 members of it), the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's plants (written by the paleys), our long and heated T-shirt debate, and the "incident" between Charisma and the IR TA Lee. Grace Thomas TIPSter Index/S-Z saw the two kissing in Belk after lunch. The two deny the "incident" ever happened, but it managed to bring the two classes closer together.

Other former students: add any I may have missed.