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Last Name S

Aadi Saha

Davidson Term 1 2017

Mock Trial

better known as the "Indian Man" he's was so fun to be around and would always make you laugh did 2 acts in the talent show: a rap he wrote along with Brian Oh, Kellan Webber, and Louis Moten and danced to Little Eisnteins with them and Natalia

Sithara Samudrala

Georgia Tech II 2014: Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics

Margaret/Joanna Sands (Twins)

Davidson Term 1 2010 Cryptography/Davidson Term 1 2010 Cryptography

Duke West Term 1 2011 Crunching the Numbers/Duke West Term 1 2011 Robotics

Ok so these two twins were some of the most amazing people at TIP. They're very (VERY)easily amused and their laughs are quite infectious. Joanna(aka Jacob) was the only girl in Robotics 2011 Term 1. Her nickname is Bobo, because she tried wearing a panda hat and with the black eyeliner, she ended up with a distinct panda-ness. She's the winner of the dumbly dumb competition which makes the runner up sad as she won by a LARGE margin. Margaret (who's the better twin, JK) is a very good person to sit next to during movies because you can make all the sarcastic comments you want, but she is skilled at getting other peoples phones taken away... They are also constantly getting confused for the other one (even by their teachers) and find great joy in bothering fourth years. Margaret and Joanna have the ability to talk in unison, and they use that skill to their advantage when bothering people or creeping people out. Often known just as 'twins' the best way to tell them apart is their glasses. Margaret has roundish glasses (and is considerably shorter) and Joanna has contacts (and is of average height). Once they want something, they will go to any length to achieve it, so unless you are Mary Clarke Worthington, you might as well give it to them from the start.

Gino Santolamazza

Duke East I 2010

Gino is a cool kid with the softest hair ever! Its sooooooooooooo soft that Nicole and Chica wanted to shave a G in the back of his head and keep the hair forever! Gino is also a sweet and hilariously funny dude! :)

Taush Sampley

Taush Sampley is the best tipster to ever walk this earth, and the Duke TIP 2008 Term II Vermonster mommy. He is 15 years old, and plans on passing down the Vermonster soon to one of his friends. He has made a habit of climbing things. Such as the library. His long hair is also worthy of worship.

And he chases squirrels.

Sarah Sanbar

Duke East I 2010. Sarah was in Izzy's rag on the third floor of Brown, which always involved the hardest partying. she is from saudi arabia, and often a night, entertained her friends with out-of-country experiences. she spoke in a really cool accent. It wasn't really that noticeable except with some words like "library." Which she says really cool.

Sarah is one of the nicest, sweetest girls you will ever meet; she thinks everyone is cute, and everyone thinks she is cute, or hot, in the case of more than a few guys, if you know what I mean ;)

Andrew 'Strapless' Sanchez

ASU Term 2, 2009
UGA Term 2, 2010
UGA Term 1, 2011

Andrew Sanchez is freaking AMAZING. he happens to be one of the coolest TIPsters i know & he is amazing at guitar and basically everything else hahah. He will be a fourth year next year which is too depressing to think about cuz i will be without him when im a fourth year :(
sanchez, you are my best friend forever and i love you so freaking much!!! <33333

oh this kid is my ****g hero, you just don't even know. Everyone loves him and he is awesome at everything. At UGA he layed in the talent show like five times. Next Years his last year and i'm going to miss him and his and his jesus nipples. SANCHEZ! I! ****G! LOVE! YOU !

Yarhiel Santa

Duke East I 2010 and Duke East II 2011

Yarhiel Santa was just as cool and unique as her name! She also had amazing curly black hair!

During Term 2 2011, Yarhiel displayed constant committment to learn the concepts in AFUNC (Advanced Function Analysis with Mathematical Modeling) and use them to her advantage. Not only that, but she also displayed constant committment to her new friends and fellow TiPsters while managing to have time for herself and them at the same time. She is a true TiPster!

Hamilton 'Hammie' Sawczuk

Davidson 2012

A skinny blonde kid most known for being a meanie to Allison DiVito

Maya Sawla

Duke East I 2010

International Relations

Maya is a funsized brownie who is always hyper and kind. Everyone is nice to her and she is nice to everyone! She likes to take relationships slow but has fun at the same time. Ask Liam! She enjoys mooing with Lillian Elizabeth and randomly in public places. You should ask her to moo for you sometime. <3 <3 <3 She was also part of a trio with Alyssa Schubert and Grace Dansby.

Duke East I 2011

Big Screen, Little Screen

Erin Sawyer

Duke East II 2011

Erin is one of the funnest, most exstatic girls you'll ever meet. She always has time for her friends and fellow TiPsters while still managing to focus on class.

Tanner Scheef

  • Not sure which campus 2012
  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Mary Willoughby's Rag (The Wallabies)
      • Most likely to be a spirit animal
      • If it wasn't for her outgoingness, many of us Wallabies wouldn't have met each other so quickly! She was the only 2nd year in her rag, the rest of us were 1st year 2nd years or 1st year 1st years.

Art Schell

Art is the master of bad puns. His page explains it all. See: Art Schell

Joe Schermer

Duke West II 2011 Duke West II 2012 Neuroscience

Excited Joe, Enthusiastic Joe, Bored Joe, heart of the 'I <3 Joe' clothing scandal involving his 2nd year lovers and 4th year friends' truthfully very funny mockery, adored by 2nd year girls... a lot. Too cool to dance at dances, backpacked it at least 8 times a day, occupies free time with music and doing friends.

Darcy Schild

Duke East I 2012 Big Screen, Little Screen

Fiona Schlumberger

Duke East I 2008

Alyssa Schubert

Duke East I 2010 Duke East I 2011

Alyssa is an amazing chic who is always happy and hyper! She is such an amazing girrl that it blows ur mind. Also Alyssa happens to enjoy snorting (don't worry just to make people like Maya laugh (;) and is part of the one and only flowercult with her fellow members: Grace Dansby, Maya Sawla, and Amber Michelle

Allie Schutt

Duke East I 2008

Jordyn Scott

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Mary Willoughby's Rag (The Wallabies)
    • Most likely to rock a toga
    • The black twin<3
    • "Jordyn with a Y"

Rachel Scott

Duke East I 2008

Eliza Scruton

Duke East Term 1 2009

Duke East Term 1 2010

Eliza is mean to Jessie. just kidding. she's the nicest person in the world. Her eyes are also like cold, cold ham.

Cameron Seitzman

Cameron Seitzman realized he was referred to in other pages of the Wiki, and hopefully awaits someone who will write about him. He is also the 3rd 5th year. Duke West II 2012 he was an RC. He wears a lot of Threadless T-shirts, which are most definitely the shiznit, and was just all-around awesome, save for the backpacking-Nazidom.

Laurie Sheldon

KU term II(2010):


UGA Term II(2011):

Intro to veterinary science

Laurie had an awesome roommate, Patricia, who always provided her with water bottles when she was thirsty :)

Rachel Shepherd

Duke East I 2010

Rachel is a cool chic that always had bubbles at break and enjoys everything. Also, she sucks at Rock and Roll Trivia! haha!

Fiona Shauger

Davidson II 2008-2009, West II 2010-2011

Jackson Sheu

Duke West Term 1:

Anatomy (2011)

Ivan Shin

Also known as "Ivan the Terrible" and "Ivanho," Ivan Shin was the OSC at the University of Kansasin '03. Ivan was a particularly crotchety and domineering OSC, in contrast to the OSC who preceeded him. Ivan was said to have "sand in his vagina," and seemed to enforce rules in order to prevent as much fun as possible. Ivan kicked Thomas the Martyr out of TIP, and had many confrontations with , among others. Ivan also attempted to (without success) censor Mark Harvey's classes from singing and organizing. All of these events led to an era known as the Ivan Wars.

  • After TIP, Andrew would discover embarassing pictures of Ivan in a dog suit and with platinum blonde hair, and send them to all contactable TIPsters.
  • Ivan's current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Chaz Bryant would like to add that he (that is to say Chaz) was almost kicked out of TIP for: playing X-Box, taking his shirt off and waving it above his head during "Hot in Here," talking to people in Kansas who were not going to TIP (even though they were the year before and they were close friends of Chaz), and, the GREATEST SIN OF ALL...Chaz cannot remember right now. Seriously, it was some trivial and intangible THING.

Claire Shin

Duke East II

2010: Symbols and Structure

2011: Political Cultures and Counter Cultures

Aaron Shinn

Aaron is easily one of the most fabulous characters East Term II has ever seen. He is a legendary dancer, whose 2008 talent show dance to The Reason was amazing. He and Steph Connor met in 2006 at Back to Kindergarten, and became instant buddies. When he and met Term II 2009, it was instant buddy-ism.

Hannah Shoenhard

Duke East I 2008

Karlyn Simcox

Wake Forest Term I 2014 Duke Marine Lab Term I 2015 Duke East Term I 2016 and 2017 Holder of the Crown of the Revolucion 2017

Nick Simmons

Davidson I 2012 (Sam's RC Group, Modern Medicine) Duke West I 2013 (Josh's RC Group, Psychology of Decision Making)

Nick Simmons is a pretty cool TiPster. He started TiP as a first year second year and was immediately well liked by everyone. He was part of Sam's RAG which was best friends with Kathleen's RAG, so naturally they were the coolest kids on campus. He was part of the original 16 at Vail Dining Hall and was the main food supplier to many a third floor hall party. He was originally known as "Chip Nick" due to the surprisingly high number of Nicks (there was also Big Nick, Little Nick, Ramen Nick, and Blonde Nick) at camp that year. He was known for having a ton of chips that he traded for friends, as well as bringing a huge bag of Dum Dums. Nick left his Dum Dums in the sun, so when you tried to eat one, the candy fell off of the stick. Nick asked a girl to the second dance because he heard that she liked him, even though Nick did not feel the same way about her. This girl turned out to be a psycho stalker and so Nick spent much of the second dance hiding from this girl with his dear friend Sonali. Nick was dear friends with a lot of people (Britt, Aisha, Jacklyn, Addie, Jane, Sonali, Aditya, Arjun, Ben, Joseph, Galen). His roommate was Galen Hu. (Knock Knock. Whose there? Galen. Galen Who? That's my name Galen Hu!) and Nick and Galen were the best of friends.

Alas, Nick had to part ways with his dear friends Addie (the third floor whore) and Jane as they went to Duke East and Nick went to Duke West with Jacklyn and Sonali. Many of their friends from the last year (Britt, Arjun, Ben, Galen) didn't come back because they are now in college, or got waitlisted, which made Nick very sad. Nevertheless, Nick still had a great time at Duke West. He was known for the two plastic balls that he brought to camp and was constantly throwing at people. One of them even glowed in the dark.

Unfortunately Nick was not able to attend for what would have been his fourth year, but went to Summer Ventures in North Carolina instead. Thankfully though, Nick and Sonali's friendship was stronger than space and time and they remain close to this day.

Jamell "Aqualad" Sirleaf


Texas A&M Term 2 2011, Entrepreneurial Leadership

Rebecca Skolnick

Duke East I 2010

Becca was such a cool Jew. She is rockin at the guitar, ping pong, and ultimate! She aslo has a really cool camera! It was quite depressing when she got sick in the middle of the term and had to move rooms for a couple of days, but we loved it when she got back and before she left.

Ellie Solomon

ASU II 2007-2008

UGA II 2009

Texas A&M II 2010

Carlos Sonka

Duke East I 2010

Carlos (aka David) is a funloving guy who creeps people out a lot, but is really nice too! He really enjoys giving people his clothes (ask Chica!). David also loves soccer and smells really bad! ;) jk!

Max Sowatzka

Max was known for his uncanny ability to turn straight men gay. He had no effect on the ladies, but he could make them men boil with passion. Naturally this made Malcolm Landreau (Landrieu... Landreiu?Laundry?) very jealous, as he considered himself to be the most arousing. Malcolm challenged Max to a duel, and Max, being of noble character, accepted Mr. Laundry's challenge. Before the fight, Max received countless insults about his manhood from his competitor. Max knew that he must prove his manliness by defeating his foe. At 2:14 AM on the second Thursday, they fought with their "swords" and yelled cries of "fury" until someone spurted "blood" (The someone happened to be Malcolm, as he was the younger and less experienced of the two.) The whole time Kathryn Jason was filming (for historical purposes). Though Max won and moved on to greater partners (to fight, of course), he never forgot that night he took on Malcolm and became a man.

Cal Stephens

Alex Stewart

In his own words, "That one asshole who breaks into everybody's rooms."

Jessica Stewart

Jessica Stewart is now leader of the SMP. She has cute shoes and knows Mike Jone's number by heart!

Nicole Simoneaux

Duke East I 2008

Dontavious Sippial

Duke East I 2010 and Duke East II 2011

Call him Dontaaaaaaavius. Dontavious is a crazy cool kid and was a total math nerd as he took Algebra II during Term 1 of 2010.

He was one of the nicest TiPsters and always tried to encourage everyone to do their best during his Advanced Function Analysis with Mathematical Modeling (AFUNC) class during Term 2 of 2011!

Timothy Shu

Duke East I 2010

Timmy is one of the coolest Asians to every exist! He LOVES the Braves. He also had a Braves hat he wore practically all day (except the Durham Bulls game, where he graciously gave it to Chica!)

Natalie Smid

Duke East I 2008

Maddie Smiley

New College 2 2012 Duke West 1 2013

Prayo Smitasin

Davidson 2013 Term 2

Though her real name is Patarporn (forgot how to really spell it), everybody just calls her Prayo (pronounced prow). She loves Youtube and is constantly shipping two people together. She was a very perverted person, constantly making jokes and winking. She is a thunder god and was destined for the jello snarfing event at Summerfest. She was actually very good at whiffleball but doesn't like athletic stuff very much. She and Olivia Bennett were "soulmates" as they liked a lot of the same stuff like, let's say, Mean Girls. She was in Rachel's RC group, and loved all her friends very much.

Once she needed toilet paper from Grace Robbins and that since became an inside joke.

Audrey Smith

Trinity Term 1 2015 and 2016, Rice Term 1 2017. See Audrey Smith

George Smith

Duke West II 2011

A GOD AMONG MEN, George beasted everyone ever including Fawwad Khan(he was Fawwad's pimp).

Will Smith's cousin.

J.P. Smith

Duke East I 2010

Hannah Smith

Duke West I 2011

Olivia Smith

Duke East I 2010

Olivia is one of the wierdest people u will ever meet! She is really funny! Olivia is also known for her creepy perverted random facts that everyone loves! MOIST

Walker Smith

Duke East I 2008

Elizabeth Snyderman

Duke West II 2009(Forensic Science), 2010(Genetics), 2011(Electrical Engineering) Known by all the members of the awkward dance circle for her mad dancing skillz, she is also known to love Jewish boys and Michael J. Fox. Beloved by many and friendly to all, Elizabeth prefers to hang out with people who are even nerdier than she is, and was Kate's not so secret lesbian lover. One of the leading researchers on vicarious menstruation, her favorite flavor of tampon is green apple. She will steal your food at any opportunity, but is willing to listen to you talk about anything while she eats it. In 2011, she became the self-appointed Minister of Raves, because of her love for dancing and parties. She is incredily good at Jello snarfling, but her greatest Quadfest contribution was her amazing save during Pass the Apple in 2011, whcih helped lead the Green Team to a victory. She had a great affinity for certain baseball players (Matt Joyce, Desmond Jennings, and Brandon Guyer) and made her love known at the Durham Bulls games, screaming such outpours of emotion such as "Desmond Jennings, have my babies!" "Brandon Guyer sets my heart on fire!" and even "We want Kevin Costner!" in reference to the movie Bull Durham. While she was a generally well-behaved TIPster, she was known for strong disdain for the police. She went down the red carpet with Joe Schermer (who wins all the awards). At the end of her fourth year, she "went out swinging," fist pumping and swinging her lanyard on her way out.

Elizabeth Snyderman is a beautiful and amazing TiPster and she is always the most enthusiastic for any event. At dances, she keeps the party jumpin', and at Quadfest her excitement was unparalleled. Once you meet her you can never stop loving the minister of raves, the knitting EMT, whose Elizaboobs are Elizaboss. I am proof of this. I love you Elizabeth ♥

Elizabeth, ravin' all day err day. Many love her and try to imitate her. None succeed, because they don't have Elizaboobs. XOXO. So Decrees the Princess, HRH Caroline, Princess of TIPtopia and Britain.

Greg Solamon

Duke West | 2010

Greg was, sadly, a 1st year 4th year, but he wishes he would have gone more years. He took Anatomy at West, and loved it. He enjoyed to play soccer and have people pile things on the back of his neck while he did pushups or stood on random things, such as railings. Greg has been in a relationTIP with Katie since 1st term 2010. Also, everyone knows that Greg has no friends and is a grenouille with green cleats.

Terricia Soyombo

Terricia Soyombo was designated the Llama Mama of the East term one llama in 2005. However, in 2006 she came to term two instead, abandoning her position as llama mama (but everyone knows the term one llama doesn't matter anyway.) It is also well-known that she had a thing for Billy Mccormick, and his sweet clothes and dance moves and his feisty (yet cute) wit. Mr. McCormick himself, neither confirms nor denies any relationship between the two.

However, Terricia would also like to add that it's a shame the sentences about Mr. McCormick were written by, well, none other than Mr. McCormick, who simply wished and dreamed, day after day that those sentences could be true. No one will deny the quality of his grooving and his wit, but his speculation of a relationship can be contested.

Of course, Adriana Ortiz, as a completely unbiased third party in the matter, would like to point out that the entire conversation concerning Mr. Mccomick in Terricia's life is nonsensical being that Adriana is the only person she would ever have any kind of serious relationship.

Because they love each other that much. Period.

Angela Song

Duke East I 2010

Angela was a wicked awesome chic that like to wear baggy sweatshirts, and always rocked them! Also, she had the coolest, softest, and longest bangs ever!

She is funny and is filled with quiet energy

Emily Soroka

ASU Term 2, 2009
UGA Term 2, 2010

emily is an awesome person and a great friend!!!!!! i <3 her :)

Dru "DJ" Spiller

Texas A&M Term II 2008-2010

Best Michael Jackson dancer to ever grace the A&M campus! This girl can move!! Don't mock her for owning an MJ outfit, WORSHIP her for it

Tia Sparks

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Mary Willoughby’s Rag (The Wallabies)
      • Most likely to spot an orangutan

Hampton Sprott

Duke East I 2010

Hampton is such a cool kid that has awesome glasses! He's really nice and fun to hang with! It has been speculated that Hampton's real name was actually Hamilton Harrison Reginald Sprott, and that he was a BAMF, but not in the usual sense of the phrase. He was known for his uncanny ability to do nothing.

Charlie Stainton

Duke East I 2008 Duke West I 2009 Duke West II 2010 West is best

Foster Starks

Duke East I 2010

Foster was an extremely sporty kid who was so frikin AMAZING at ultimate and everything else!

One of the smartest 2nd years alive.

Sarah Stebbins

Duke East 1 2010

Sarah! She's the chic thats loves to talk about international affairs! She can seriously spend the whole day ranting about how the English ruined the world(see Sonja's Rag's page in term book)! Sarah is a sweetheart and loves everyone! <3

Duke East I 2011 Microeconomics

Sarah likes to use the word 'essentially' more often than not, and most her RAG members like to point that out to her (including one of the adoptees), something I believe even her class (microeconomics) pointed out. Her superlative in the termbook for her class is 'essentially the best economic translator', which mocks the essentially, and proves she's the best at understanding the complex STUFF that microecon learns, stuff that a certain someone didn't understand even after reading the textbook through once. She will randomly use German words in sentences and she wouldn't realize it until everybody sitting at dinner would stare at her with a weird face (and she enjoys making fun of her RAGmates when they attempt to read french or german books aloud, or at people who can't tell the difference between the two languages). Her RAG mates like to randomly pile into her room at 8:00 AM if she wasn't ready for breakfast. She is also the second-in-command to fellow RAGmate Karen, when they rule the mafia one day. She also manhandles Karen by dragging her around with her long ponytail. Essentially (this is for you, Stebbins, if you ever see this), she's the coolest kid ever. iloveyou.

Sunila Steephen

  • Davidson Term 2 2011


  • West Term 2 2012

Social Psychology Sunila is just... a motherducking moat. She makes incredible faces and is just loco for her Loco pops. She was in Sam's RAG with Gabrielle Hansen, Kristie Kim, Emily Gruver, Sabrina( no, not THAT Sabrina),Julie, Kirstin( YEs, the amazing dancer who choreographed the award winning TIPsync dance) Kayla, Bernard( Lauren Bernard), and of course Michelle Tang.... Her lovely roommate. Sunila also goes by Sunny. Some are just not as fortunate to be able to pronounce the wondrous name Sunila so she tells them, "Call me Sunny." Her friends also call her that just cause. Sunila had an obsession with a certain British lad's voice at the beginning of the term. She had never seen his face only heard strawberries.(Love is blind, yes? jk. She didn't want him.) She is notorious for her mint oreo demands from the poor RC Sam. One day you will see her on My Strange Addiction and we all know why. Sunila is very loved and cherished. Love her, cherish her, give her Mint Oreos.

Camp Steiner

Davidson 2015 & 2016

Thomas Camp Steiner has attended TIP at Davidson for two years. He is currently a second year, and is known for telling 'interesting' stories that usually get a laugh or two. He has taken classes in Engineering Problem Solving and Cryptography, in his first and second year respectively.

Summer Sterling

Trinity 2009 Duke East I 2010 and Duke East II 2011

Summer became famous for a line she wrote for a screenwriting exercise in her Celluloid Visions class: "I want to embed myself in you the way a gardener embeds his seeds in the soil." She also enslaved fellow Celluloid Visions student, Avery Owings, and enjoyed embarrassing another TiPster in their class, Charlie. (Who is easily embarrassed.) Fortunately Summer is the best slave master ever. :) Summer also is known for having her pet dollies (ask Maya!) who she tries to pack away in her suitcase and take home with her (:

Summer is at it again during Term 2. This time she has decided to take Haunted Places. She still finds time for her girls, and sometimes her boys, and likes to try new activities. Sometimes she can get a little bit tired, but she always manages to bounce back. She is very energetic and very spirited, especially during the Tri-Tipster tournament and Quadfest. If you want to ask someone about the real "Summmer Sterling", you should ask either Yarhiel Santa or Katia Bautista, or do the easy thing and meet Summer yourself. You won't regret it! Like a man once said, "It's summer all the time!"

Thomas Maxwell Stevens

Max Stevens was a generally well liked tipster. He was perhaps known best for having his birthday during term. He always received cupcakes.

In the end he was just another 3rd year 4th year.

East Term 2 2012: Utopia, Dystopia, Myopia: A Philosophical Perspective on a Technological Age.

East Term 2 2013: Bach to Rock: A History of 20th Century Music

East Term 2 2014: Philosophy in Literature and Film

Brother to the infamous tipster, Jak Dougherty.

Eric Stevenson

Duke East I 2008

Joseph Stewart

Davidson Term 1 2012 Engineering Problem Solving Joseph was a cool kid who most people called Draco. We aren't really sure why... we just did. Some may have thought he looked like THE Draco Malfoy, but most disagreed. One day on the walk to the laundry, he was complaining about it to Sonali. She replied "Chill Jojo, Draco is cute, take it as a compliment. This resulted in a blushing Joseph. It was funny. He probably [edit: Did] broke the most rules in that term... considering he lost most of his free time for most of the term and was kicked off of the second floor... He also was most likely [edit: was] the most hated by his RC who pie'd him on the last night... He has vowed via Facebook to become the greatest trouble maker in the history of TIP, and ended up pissing off fourth years. It was also funny.

Mary Claire 'George' Stewart

Davidson term II 2011 Creative Writing

Known by most as George, she was known as 'Diva' by her teacher and TA, due to her wardrobe of tops ranging from flowy, low-cut, and see-through to tight and non-cleavage showing, paired with her multiple sparkly eyeliners, which she wears every day. She always has a jacket or sweater on and pants, and can chug a 2 liter due to the fact that her older brothers taught her when she was very little. Has a habit of painting only her ring fingernail red, while leaving the others blank or a totally different color. She was supposed to skip a grade due to having the brain and maturity of someone 4 years older, but was held back due to antisocial tendencies. She often responds to a question with a jokingly mean response. She suffers from paranoia and was actually diagnosed by her psychiatrist to have unexplainable mood swings. Plays violin and loves Asians.

Claire Stovall

Duke West II 2006 Introduction to Medical Science
Duke East I 2007 Abnormal Psychology
Duke West II 2008 Biology of Cancer

Stephen Stradley

Stradley! He's got mad frisbee skills. He's from the ATL. He has his own business card. He's one of the most amazing people you'll ever meet, and comes from a liberal family, so naturally he (used to) drive a hybrid car. His away messages are usually really strange rap songs. He's gone to the same school since he was two. I'm pretty sure everyone who has ever met him loves him.

Kenneth Streff

Kenneth Streff was a Residential Counselor for a group of fourth year boys at University of Kansas in '03. His RC group would come to be known as Ken's Super Happy Fun Sunshine Squad after previous suggestions such as "Ken's Men" and "Ken's Krazy Kids" were shot down. Ken, along with another RC of fourth year boys, had some title and some measure of power over other RCs, though he remained subservient to Ivan Shin. Ken would shift between being a friend to the TIPsters who told of his own past adventures, and a strict disciplinarian who enforced rules to a fault. What caused these seemingly spontaneous changes or why Ken's disposition shifted at all has yet to be determined, although many theories, including male PMS, persist. Ken supposedly had a girlfriend who lived two hours north of Lawrence, Kansas, whom he would visit once a week. At one time Ken worked at a Walmart. He is a fan of professional wrestling, and particularly a fan of "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. Ken grew up in Nebraska. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Shae Street

An awesome black version of Xan

Hayley Stueber

Texas A&M Term I 2011 (Third-Year) Took Algebra 2 as one of Mama Bear's Cubs (Polar Bear). She roomed with Samantha Garza; Samantha and Hayley has more information. She was an ultimate frisbee player with the Smash Bros., who won second in Agfest for frisbee after the fourth-year team. Hayley was a member of Kristin's RC group on the third floor, though she spent most of her time at hall parties on the fourth floor.

Duke East Campus Term II 2012 (Fourth-Year) Took Criminal Minds: Psychology and the Law as taught by Jordan. She played Ultimate Frisbee for the Lazer Dragons, led by Jackson, and the smaller team, Armageddon, led by Samir. Hayley was a member of Michelle's RAG, which was known for harassing males. (Steve in particular) Steve's RAG was on the same floor and deemed her "Awkward Girl" for most of term. She roomed with Lexi Stewart, who was leader of the SMP.

Nate Sumimoto

KU Term 2 2011: His first year at TiP, Nate took Psych with his future friends and returners Anna Ta, and James "Jesus" Miller. During this term Nate showcased a nice set of debating skills, and dated classmate Keelah, and although the details are fuzzy to the editor, sources say the relationtip ended on a sour note when Nate,er, revealed his feelings a bit too... suddenly. Nate was a brilliant Tipster, and all that knew him were glad that he returned the following year.

Texas A&M Term 2 2012: one of momma bear (gabby's) cubs. Nate was the red panda in the group. He was remembered for constantly wearing his Japan button, so that people would not confuse him with any other race. He is a true bro with James Miller, and would strap his bra on one occasion. His hands were Jaxter Kim, meaning Nate would use Jaxters hands in order to fully enforce an opinion. He was also general of the People Republic of Halbergardia in the Military Strategy class, and took the game very seriously. Roommate to Samual Hebert. Nate performance at the talent show was singing all the elements and nations of the world, gaining a surprising amount of applause.

Texas A&M Term 2 2013: Nate has returned to TAMU for his third year, again with Anna and James. He took Military Leadership and the Theory of Warfare, where he was the premier of Samara, founded Sumiology, and created the Sumimoto Suicide Squad. You can find the select few members of this squad by holding up an 's' with your fingers. Roommate to Evan Parks, and in the end dated fourth year Alina. At the end of the term, he was awarded with the title 'Brother Bear', a great honor, and one that he truly, truly deserved.

Karen Sun

Kansas II 2010 Math and Problem Solving

Karen was known for kicking butt at around the world which led most of her class to hate her, except Kylie M., Matt R., and Ethan T., who quickly became her best friends. She danced with Ethan and Matt, because she and Kylie liked to switch dance partners every once in a while. She was seen most often in Mallory, Sarah, Shelby and Gates room, rather than her own. She was also an adopted RAG member of Kate's RAG. She played epic piano, and the tallest card tower built was ten stories (card tower-wise) high. She wore her hat and sunglasses while building it to keep her 'poker-face'.

Duke East I 2011 Algebra II

Karen was one of the few second years who resided in Brown. Near the end of the first week, Karen's amazing piano playing skills were discovered. She accumulated several fangirls, and the Karen Sun Fan Club was created. Although the list of members was never compiled, it would total to... well, at least the majority of her RAG (giving her an honorable mention on her RAG's shirt). Karen was also obsessed with, but not addicted to, Criminal Minds. If she looked at a television screen for a few seconds during a Criminal Minds episode, she could give you the name, series and episode number, and synopsis. Karen, who was in Algebra II, would work out the logic puzzles given to her class for long periods of time. Madeline, her RC, had to ban her from working on one at dinner. Karen is a very sweet girl, despite what you might think when she gives you her teacher glare. That can be very frightening...

Otto Sunday

A TiPster from Texas A&M and Kansas known for being a troublemaker.

Chloe Super

Attended TIP West from 07-09.

Known as being the best girl ultimate player every year she attended TIP. She is also known for always doing a tumbling routine to bring her team out for Quadfest with her awesome gymnast abilities. In her fourth year, she is created signs from "aliens" that included telling the RC's to respect the quiet after light out rule, and asking to change the location of the dance. Which actually happened as the last one was moved to the quad outside the bryan center. In her fourth year she entered a relationTIP with Ty a third year who was captain of the student ultimate team and in her genetics class.

Classes '07 - Anatomy '08 - Neuroscience '09 - Genetics

Rennie "Rennennennennie" Svirnovskiy

A rad TiPster and avid hummer of "Home," Rennie's been a TiPster since 2010. She's been a term 2 TiPster her three years, first one spent at Davidson, the other two on the Duke East campus. At Davidson, she took Debate with the awesome Allison Bashford and Maggie Clark, roomed with Ashley Lee, and was in a RAG with the cool Sara Conley. Second year at East, she took Criminal Minds with Laura Eckman, Kevin Oh, Sidney Cobb, Spencer Haynsworth, Benjamin "HEHEHE" Thomas-Laroque, and roomed with the newly-famous, Ellison Hersch (MISS LLAMA MAMA) and was in a supermegafoxyawesomehot RAG. Her third year was incredible, when she took PILF with old friend Leland Ott, and Kersey Reynolds, Hannah Christian, Amelia Allore, and Kelsey Powers. That same third year, she and Kersey wrote and performed a TiP Song that made many a fourth and second year cry. Rennie is an honorary member of the SMP and will have her name on the Llama. Her favorite activities included taking pictures of floorgies, star-tripping, and ultimate frisbee. Rennie enjoys terrorizing others in games of Mafia and Mao, and always wins Never Have I Ever. Her favorite hallway in the entire world that summer was the south end of the second floor of Brown. The coolest people were always having hall parties there, and Rennie wishes to this day that she had the amount of collective #SWAG that Sydney's RAG had.

Caroline "Carrie" Schmidt

She was a fourth year during Swine '09 in Emily's fantabulous RAG. Sadly her roommate was one of the first victims of swine flu and was sent home. Carrie was briefly put into QuranTIP and was one of the few tipsters to return from its cruel diseased clutches. She then went on to spread llove throughout all years of TIP and continued to be epic in her class, Revolution in Terror. She was known for her short hair cut, cane, sunglasses, and decidedly sexy limp.

Peter Swanson

Duke East I 2010

Duncan Sudarshan

Duncan is a quiet yet awesome guy who attended Duke East II 2010 his fourth year. He took Revolution And Terror and was voted "most likely to start the pirate-ninja war" in the termbook. He is notable for not leaving the Secret Sex Locations "Bassett Side Commons" when two female friends of his were not-so-subtly suggesting he evacuate. Gorram it, Duncan, one could get a lot done in fifteen minutes!

Last Name T

Anna Ta

KU Term II 2011 Psychology THE DEBUT. Anna took psychology, and was really good at debate. That's where she met Nate Sumimoto and James Miller, the triumvirate. Though they wouldn't know this now, it'd be important TAMU Term II 2012 Anna took creative writing, and I'm guessing wrote creatively. The triumvirate met again! TAMU Term II 2013 Anna took neuropsych. She dated 4th year Brandon Nguyen. THE CUTEST RELATIONTIP THAT HAS EVER EXISTED EVER. Vietnamese and whatnot. The triumvirate has shared their finest hour so far here, and grew to be the closest of friends.

Sarah Tanner

Patrick Tarrant

Davidson College II 2008 Zoology DUML 2009 Coastal Geology DUML 2010 Marine Biology Duke West 2011 Neuroscience

Patrick Tarrant was just about the coolest TIPster to ever live. As one of the Founding Fathers of Jeremyism, he left his mark in the hearts and minds of the people of TIP. As a four year fourth-year, Patrick was very adamant about supporting the mission of TIP. He told a lot of friends that they should go. Rumor has it that he became an RC some time after his fourth year.

You may be wondering how he got this nickname. I am too. But no worries. Patrick was best known for his blue morphsuit at West I 2011, and he played a marvelous piano piece at the talent show. He's a really fun guy, and an excellent whistler too.

Leah Taub

Duke East I 2008

Arman Tavallaei

A gay dude. 2016 Trinity T1 2017 GA Tech T2

Gillian Taylor

Davidson College II 2013 Creative Writing

Julia Teal

Davidson I 2008

Duke East I 2010

Duke East I 2011

Duke East II 2011

Courtney Terrell

Duke West term 1 (2011)

Bio of Cancer

Courtney was known for wearing polo shirts and was the BEST at giving suggestions to her Bio of Cancer classmates. Most importantly, her favorite suggestion was to "use 'We' instead of 'I'" She also was not that fluent in technology, but that's alright. Also, her favorite person ever was Ellen Yuan<3

Kristen Thiemann

Texas A&M Term 2 2011

Kristen Thiemann... Ah what a gal. She was in Entrepreneurial Leadership and probably the coolest asian that has ever lived! To all that reads this bio, worship this person forever and ever! Because.... "ALWAYS I WANNA BE WITH YOU, AND MAKE BELIEVE WITH YOU, AND LIVE IN HARMONY, HARMONY, OH LOVEEEEEE~! <3"

Grace Thomas

Davidson Term II 2006

Grace Thomas was in IR and was often accused of asking stupid questions(no suprise there). She was always freezing cold and wore sweatshirts to class daily. Grace played a large part in the "incident" between IR and State Your Case. By the end of the term, Grace was a two time sex-offender and had sixteen STDs. State Your Case: The Art of Debate (Davidson) Dagum y'all was a phrase used by her a lot.


  • Louisa Helen Kirk AKA Lulu-Lulu was in IR with Grace. She spent a lot of time laughing at Grace's stupidity. They shared many good times during class, at the dances, and just in general. They even edited Wikipedia a few times. TIPSter Index/G-L
  • Jack JDawg Neppl-Jack was introduced to Grace by Lulu. Jack, Grace, and Lulu spent almost all their time together, mainly in the basement. The three had a few fights.

Martini Thomson

Martini Thomson attended TIP at Davidson in Term 1 2005, where she took Philosophy, and was a member of the posse that included Emily Rose, Hannah Wang, and Zen (some sources say Martini met Noah Levine during this year while doing laundry, though he adamantly denies this fact). She also attended East in Term 1 2006, where she took Existentialism with Rose and Trevor Cross, and East in Term 1 2007, where she took Philosophy: Mind and Meaning with Rachel VanDaalen, Adam Wilson, and Rose.

Martini is known for liaisons with personified inanimate objects. She has reportedly dated Jimmy, a calculator, and introduced her friends to a wall, whose name is unknown. She is also able to gauge the attractiveness of certain inanimate objects, such as buildings.

At Davidson, she made it known that she had adopted several young paperclips, all of whom bore names that referenced alcoholic drinks. These paperclips included Sherry, Daiquiri, Brandy, and Tequila, although it should be noted that there were quite a few more. So far, she is the only person known to have intentionally dangled her children from her earlobes.

In 2006, along with Adam, Martini created Chair Symbiotism, the precursor to Couch Piling. This activity was born from Martini and Adam's habit of sitting atop each other at every available moment. She and Adam also introduced the concept of Treedancing. Another notable aspect of 2006 was Martini and Roses' Siamese-Twin-ness. The two were rarely seen separated. They had a habit of meandering around campus and screaming "POKE!" in impossibly high pitches, much to the chagrin of the more easily annoyed TIPsters. Some frequently cited examples of their insanity include jigging to the tune of the Lord of the Rings-based "Taters" flash video, and some rather unseemly activities involving unwitting doorknobs.

In 2007, Martini was one of the core members of the Couchpiling Posse. She was also a serial Human Knotter. As well as this, she seemed to possess a gummy heart, which was frequently eaten, and always found to be delicious. It should also be noted that Martini is, in fact, very pokable.

Also in 2007, Martini was the only successful kidnapper of the Lemur, whom she then held for ransom while Adam prostrated himself before her door screaming/ sobbing "Lemur!" She tormented him by placing the Lemur on her bed in front of the door so that Adam could see the Lemur, but not rescue him due to the visitation policy.

Martini possesses unrivaled rambling skills, which she uses to supplement her bold and insightful wafflizing. She is an honorary Davidson 1 '05 Wonderwart, and knows all of the class jokes, from the solution to world hunger, to Lewis Carroll's photographs, to Pimpin' Aslan. She is a hardcore Couchpiler, Human Knotter, and Cube-Crammer. She is an experienced Elevator Partier. She knows exactly what makes people happy, and she worships it. She is wonderfully insane and insanely wonderful. All of these factors combine to make Martini one of the most amazing people ever to grace TIP. May theomeny be upon her soul.

Sarah Thomson

Duke East I 2008

Jacob Thompson

Tyler Tinari

Caroline Todd

Davidson II 2009 - Creative Writing

Duke West II 2011 - Anthropology and Archaeology

Caroline is known for her royal status as Princess of TIPtopia (and Britain), her love for Doctor Who, and her penchant for certain British men. Her immune system of steel saved her from the dastardly clutches of swine flu at Davidson in 2009. TIPsters who did not know her very well always called her "that girl who always hangs out with Fiona Shauger," as she was privileged enough to accompany Fiona for 16 hours every day in 2011. She was also a part of the Three Musketeers, along with Fiona and Cody "Roswell" Coll, who escorted the lucky girls to Stones and Bones class every day. Indeed, it was Caroline who first began calling Cody "Roswell," as a nod to his hometown in New Mexico, and she is very proud that this moniker was used campus-wide by the end of term. About halfway through term, it was discovered that Caroline has abnormally soft hands, and it was a common occurrence to have multiple people holding and/or rubbing them many times a day. Her very fabulous roommate, Elizabeth Snyderman, is famous for her dancing skills and her status in the TIPtopian government as the Minister of Raves. Serendipitously, she also happens to live behind Caroline's grandmother's house...

Caroline is also known for doing awkward things such as almost walking into her class instructor after attempting to enter the men's restroom. Oops. Although she was just a second year fourth year, she loves TIP and the people there more than anything in the world and will return as an RC (with a princess-themed hallway; it's already planned out) as soon as possible. She would like to thank everyone at Davidson in 2009 (especially Kate Trankina, her lovely roommate, whom she loves and misses very much) more than words can express for transforming her into the individual she is today, unafraid to blast her nerdiness to the moon and back. Despite being teased for her Southern accent, she would like to say to all TIPsters, "I love y'all!"

Stephen Tong

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Algebra II
      • The next Donald Knuth

Cadence Tomlinson

Trinity Term 2 2014: Creative Writing- Express Youself;

Georgia Tech Term 2 2015: Criminal Minds- Psychology and the Law;

Georgia Tech Term 2 2016: Spacecraft Mission Design;

Duke West Term 2 2017: Electrical Engineering;

Carlton Touchy

Duke East I 2008

Kealind Trent

Kealind was in Criminal Law at TAMU Term 2 2011 & Neurophsycology TAMU Term 2 2012. Kealind was remembered in 2011 by singing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. Everyone was surprised by his voice & therefore led to this year Bee Haffey passing down her own song "TIP of My Heart." In TIP 2012, he was also known as Justin Bieber by his RC's Roll Call skit on "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber. He was also honored to receive "Brother Bear" at TAMU this year which are Mountain Dew pants. Kealind can be reconized in Moses hallways by his loud voice and his tallness. He gives amazing hugs. He is a great friend to most, and is a very charming guy. He also tries to do stand up comedy at very random times and has a pretty distinct laugh. Everyone who knows Kealind falls in love with him instantly.

Geoff Toy

Hersh Trivedi

Bio of Cancer in 08 as a second year Neuroscience in 09 as a third year fourth year to come Hersh and Ty Aderhold were the captains of the 09 student ultimate team that beat staff, and he was also on the 08 team that beat staff. He is known for his height, frisbee skills, dance moves, and talent show act of telling jokes with an Indian accent.

Hersh and Ty Aderhold attended TIP together both years and were in the same RAG as each other both years leading to a great friendship that will be continued as fourth years. Look for them to become the MCs for the Duke West 2010 Term I talent show.

John Paul Tse

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Algebra II
      • The Next Track Star

Emily Tseng

Duke East I 2008

Elizabeth Twitchell

Texas A&M Term 1 2011. Part of Mama Bear's Cubs: Swirley Bear II. She had a RelationTIP with Ignacio.

Alex Twitmyer

Duke East I 2008

Last Name U

Nitis Udornpim


Sam Unger

RC from Rice University. Tbh he's super cute and owns an amazing Pug shirt and Taco shirt too. Goes to Columbia University. Someone (I wonder who...) in his rag has an enormous crush on him

Last Name V

Rachel VanDaalen

Duke East I 2008

Maud van der Beek

Duke West I 2014&15 See more: Maud van der Beek

Tyler Varnadore

Duke East II 2010 Tyler was a great TiPster, though he had some queer habits, and was beloved by all TiPsters. He was loved for his amazing accent as well as his skill at the slapping game. Unfortunately, he was sent home early East II 2010 for a minor, minor offense, but his Southern spirit lives on through all TiPsters

Cristy Vaughn

Duke East I 2008

Emma Vaughters

See also:

New College of Florida Term II 2012// Creative Writing

Davidson Term II 2013// Mathematical Problem Solving

Duke East Term II 2014// Creative Nonfiction

Duke East Term II 2015// Criminal Minds

Duke East Term II 2015 Sexy Mama (see SMP)

Ana Vausdevan

Attended Tip '07 at East campus Term II.....took .

  • Was in Clare's RAG 2nd floor Alspaugh

Kyle Verhaeg

Davidson II 2011 - Animal Behavior

That one kid... If you met him, you'd know (and remember him). The short kid that was almost always found hanging out with a bunch of girls. But it got him a date to the dance, and a bunch of friends, so it beat being socially awkward. That really outgoing kid from Cannon 2 and in Sam's RC Group. His roommate was Alexander Roberts )-:. He was voted "Most Likely to Play Twister." He was known to be hyper, especially when he didn't take his ADHD medicine. He would also be found at the Cannon 1 lounge, avoiding his interesting, slightly psychotic RC group. (WHO WROTE THIS???)

Angel Veza

Angel Veza! She was one of the only girls that always played Frisbee and was really good. Angel is a feisty and fun-loving Filipino from Elizabethtown, KY. She only attended TIP her 3rd and 4th year but is definitely unforgettable, and her 4th year she amazed everyone with her beautiful singing abilities at the talent show. She was also great at distracting the boys during Ultimate by making amazingly realistic orgasm noises. Angel continued to attend TIP programs after her 4th year such as the Leadership Institute and the Filmmaking program, which is one of the Domestic Field Studies. Currently, she is attending Oxford College of Emory University and majoring in Economics.

Evan Vollbrecht

"oh yeah...him." Known by all and hated by none, Evan certainly got around. Actually he sat around reading...a lot. Also absentminded. Happened to be put in the unfortunate position of three girls being attracted to him and only liking one...who also had eyes for somebody else.

Last Name W

Julia Wakeford

- Kansas I 2009 Aerospace Engineering
- TAMU I 2010 Algebra II
- UGA II 2011 Philosophy of Knowledge
- TAMU II 2012 Inspired Writer

Julia was apart of Kendall's Group in 2012 the Amazing Warm? Fuzzies and the Yellow team that won AggFest

Eugenia Walk

Davidson Term 2 2009: Architecture, RelationTIP: Colin Duke West Term 2 2010: Stones and Bones, RelationTIP: Colin Duke West Term 2 2011: Biology of Cancer

Eugenia Walk is a Crazy person! she is super hyper! She loves to help people and is always smiling. She is a great person to have as a friend! She was in Kelly's RC group at davidson where she was one of the few survivors of swine 09! She was in Kat's RC group in 2010! She was in Alicia's RC group aka Alicia's Pretties in 2011! She is really good friends with , who has been in her RC group all three years, she has been at TIP! Eugenia was a quiet and normal person until she met her... she was in a relationTIP with Colin Olson for two years at tip. She is a third year third year. She is very loud and im sure you have heard her yelling through the halls of both Davidson and Duke West. She is a great girl and an awesome friend! She was know as one of the "middle children" among her friends, since they all had an inside joke that: Alayna Lee Anderson and Libby Rogers were the "devil children", Eugenia and were the "middle children", and Liz Harper was the "angel child". She was also friends with Lexi Michelle and Rylie Nelson. She, Liz, Libby, and Pasley were said to be "Honorary Fourth Years" their third year, since they hung out with the 4th years alot. She also thinks Pasley Graham is the most amazing person ever in the world and she is her idol!

David Walker

Davidson Term 1 2010 Cryptography Duke West Term 2 2011 Stones and Bones

James Walker

Duke East I 2010

James is kid with long luscious hair that is really shiny. He was really crazy and cool!

Logan Wall

A TIPster who attended Davidson II '01 and East II from '02 to '04. Notable more for coincidences regarding his life and people around him than for any memorable events that he did -- declared at end of 4th Year to be "the one normal person here." For example, roommate of '02, RAG '02 and '04, class with '03 and '04. Missed entirety of second week of 4th year due to personal reasons, returned the afternoon of Quadfest in time to see Bassett attain victory once more. Commonly attended shul at campus synagogue on Friday nights; commonly asked by regulars whether he was really Jewish and "did your parents convert, too?" Debates with over breakfast semi-legendary among those who ate with them, and led to some confusion over whether he was a Republican or Democrat (this was vague because of the political leanings of the campus; he is, in reality, like any good TIPster, a Democrat).


Derek Wallbank

Derek Wallbank was a Tip-ster who made a name for himself by advocating all manner of curious schemes as a solution for various world problems, most notably insisting on interplanetary colonization as a solution to overpopulation.

His foremost accomplishment at TIP may have been when he convinced Mark Harvey's International Relations class (see ), during a UN Security Council simulation, to formally recognize the Palestinian Authority (himself) and give him voting rights in the Security Council.

Wallbank attended TIP in 1996 at Appalachian State University, before becoming enamored with the University of Kansas during two non-consecutive years ( and ).

Wallbank was a skilled debator (he would go on to found his High School's Debate team), who eagerly embraced the role of devil's advocate and most pseudo-Machiavellian wild-eyed schemes that would see him rise to power. Never shying frm a debate, he famously feuded with Kitty Robinson and two future TA's, and Courtney Kasun.

Kitty, TIP's resident "bleeding heart", clashed with Wallbank over most of Wallbank's "Damn the prols" schemes. Wallbank told his (few) allies that he was out to "put a band-aid on the bleeding heart", though his post-TIP life saw him shift away from megolomaniacal schemes and embrace most of Kitty's pro-little guy philosophies. (Wierd how life works, huh?)

Courtney Kasun had perhaps the most success against Derek (that he admitted, anyway). Her quiet, reserved manner was certainly not the kind of style he was comfortable battling, and, to this day, Wallbank can't remember a TIP argument he beat Courtney in. Toward the end of the program, he shifted strategies to trying to get her on his side -- which met with mixed results.

would prove Wallbank's most prolific nemesis. It started when Wallbank arrived and, during the first Saturday dance, while slow dancing together, remarked that "there could be some trouble because (he) heard there was an Irish girl in the class, and (he is) English". Cait was the Irish girl, and when she told him so, he simply replied "Damn it." The two would have many epic battles, though each ended with much mutual respect and little agreement.

Though mellowing into a far more moderate political stance, Wallbank's post-TIP career has continued to see flashes of his former years. In High School, he elected himself President-for-life of the chess club, and required all joining members to ratify a constitution which said just that. Later, while attending Michigan State University, he got himself elected President of the nation's largest on-campus student government. Wallbank now works as a Capitol Reporter in Lansing, Michigan, and is mulling his long-term future with the person he considers his "perfect foil" -- the first girl he's found that will tolerate all his antics.

Annie Wallach

One of the best friends anyone could ever have, she is rarely seen without a smile. While an adamant tipster,she unfortunately missed her second year do to monetary issues. She has been publically forgiven, as well as bequeathed a second year by a number of fourth years. She is best known by her kin for her stunning preformance in "the bathroom incident" in which she "accidently" stumbled into the boys bathroom in search of her dear friend. She was nearly joined at the hip with Holden Van Houtan, who was responsible for "The Bathroom Incident" and would like to express his deep sorrow. While she was aquitted for the incident, it took many personal stories as well as a whole 12 HOURS for her to return to her former self. Even during this, the darkest time of her TIPlife, she continued to keep a smile on her face. She had a number of TIP flings, names will not be included. "Stupid Scientists Stop with your LIES!" TIP History First year: Kansas, Term II 2007, best friend: Bridget Perry (May she never forget) Class: International Relations with the legend Mark Harvey Second Year: Excused Absence 2008 ( Kansas Term II in heart) Third Year: Texas A&M Term II 2009, Class: American Foreign Policy Fourth Year: Texas A&M Term II 2010 (arguably the best year they had) best friend: Undoubtably Holden Van Houtan, simply because Karl Mary and Lucille cant compare) Class: Zombies and Vampires of the nearly equally legendary Amy Montz

Lisa Wan

Duke West 2011 Term 1-Crunching Numbers

Better know as RISA WAN!!!(<--yes, loud asian accent and all by Olivia's RAG "Big Girls"; Chelsey Lin did it best), Lisa was an adorable Taiwanese girl with BEAUTIFUL PERFECT HAIR. Her roomie was Madison Schroder and she was a 1st year 4th year, but that did not stop her from having a great TIP experience. Right from her first day, she became part of what Bruno (the office guy) called his "possee". This possee was a group of 3 4th years that came really late the first day and had McDonalds for dinner with Bruno. Lisa was late because she missed her flight to camp. The possee included her, Victoria Ly, and Ryan Bakerman, who taught the two girls the "awkward palm tree" which the girls later used with their RAG to show that Nolan was around. Besides loving her RAG, Lisa loved her class as well. She enjoyed using all the new complex equations and playing the stock market game. ;D Aside from loving her classmates and cool teacher and TA, Lisa loved their class mascot the penguin Petri. Lisa has a soft spot for penguins as she brought the cutest, softest penguin pillow pet to camp. Lisa also loved Kpop and Kdramas, which she discussed and watched with Heidi Reinhardt and Indy Rajan. Lisa was also known for her INCREDIBLE art skills as she painted the GORGEOUS palm trees on her RAG's shirts.

Pretty much RISA WAN was a super cool, sweet, funny, smart, musically and artistically talented girl. Oh, and was it mentioned that she has THE BEST HAIR?!

    • V.Ly tried, someone else can add to the wonder Risa's tipster index :) LOVE YOU RISA!

Charlotte Wang

Duke East I 2008

Hannah Wang

Duke East I 2008

Jason Wang

Duke East II 2011

Jason is a very tall, very awesome asian who took Macroeconomics during East term 2. He's always up for fun, and with his ragmate Charlie Osborne, they were the ultimate Super Smash Bros. Team.

Julia Wang

  • Wake Forest Term II 2013
    • Algebra II
      • The Next Albert Einstein

Anna Warm

Anna Warm, this beautiful girl had the biggest heart and always had concerned for others. She was outgoing and always hanging with her best friends , Bridget, and me, she always brought a smile to someones face. She truly loved TIP, she showed everyone how much it meant to her and really cherished her last 3 weeks.

Jack Warman

Duke East I 2010

Jack is a freekishly tall and scrawny guy! He's a really good friend and is there whenever u need him! He also gives pretty sweet nicknames.

Jared Warner

Duke East Term 2 2012 - Evolution of Empire

Roommate of Tyler Tinari, in Jordan A's RAG

Jared was known for having a viola and playing it pretty often in Pegram. He was pretty cool, but somewhat introvertive. He is also a decent writer (especially of short stories) and he also sang and whistled pretty well. At the Mafia game at night activities, he was the 'caller', and he was awesome at it. He was an awesome roommate (coming from Tyler).

Sam Warren

Duke East Term I 2013: Microeconomics

Noble Song Watson

The "Finally Ginger Time Lord", best known for his hair (JK, he's known for his jacket ;D) The bestie of Rayna, Azili (Azazel) Audrey (Abadon) Jacob, and Jessica. Went to Austin College Term 2 in 2014, for Creative Writing. It was his second year. The roommate of Thompson, enjoyed texting really late at night and got the word "casual" banned from Creative Writing. Obsessed with all things anime, as well as being a SuperWhoLockian, and a fan of "Firefly" (he had a hat for it!). 1/4 of Team Fabulous, and a part of The Polyamourous Marriage. Also, shipped with Blanche. Their children would be ginger.

Hanna Weave

Duke East I 2008

Abby Weaver

West term 2 2011, East term 2 2012-13. baby sister to former tipster Hannah Weaver. known for playing the banjo and being super punk rock. wrote the rules of knit club. best friends with Allie Mills.

Austin Weaver

East Term 2 2012-14. All around cool guy.

Katie "Sister Swizzy" Weber

Davidson term I 2012 Shakespearience: From the Page to The Stage (Shakespeare) Katie was a cool girl who enjoyed Squeeerals, being the first female Swizzy, turtles, llamas, Soviet Russia, ultimate (even though she was no good, extra bread, unicorns, one direction, and much, much more. She went on The Adventerous Adventures of the One Direction Squeeeral Girls with Mira Fradkin.

James Weichert

Trinity University II 2014 - Web Applications Development

Georgia Tech II 2015 - Applications and Algorithms: Modern Programming

West II 2015 - Electrical Engineering

Caylee Weintraub

  • Wake Forest Term 2 2013
    • Mary Willoughby's Rag (The Wallabies)
      • Most likely to enter a bunker
    • Creative Writing
      • Caylee "Tonks" Weintraub

Jake Weissman

Davidson 08, West 09-11 ♥

Bria Weisz


Ben Weizer

Sarah Weizer

  • Georgia Tech 2014 Term 2
    • Genetics
    • Sonja's RC Group
    • First Year Fourth Year

Evan Welber

Evan is...


Everyone at TIP knows Evan - he's a serious presence. Evan has been on the receiving end of all sorts of new traditions (Svusch's fairy wings and Liz's Three Bottles of Boosh), and is known for his amazing costumes, especially on Wear a Skirt Wednesday and for Dances. Past costumes have included a French whore, a school boy, a mime, a dominatrix, and a blue thing with wings and an umbrella. He is also known for the renowned BFFL dance, which he performed at the talent show in '05. Evan should be praised for all he does - he's just that spectacular. He is also well known for his renowned Helen Keller, Terri Schiavo, and dead baby jokes. Although he would sometimes stumble upon some fool who was offended by these quips, most adored his wisecracks and would laugh hysterically at them for hours. His cookie-baking skillz are to be envied, and his step-dancing talents coveted. Evan has been known to pepper the morning beverages of unsuspecting friends, so be on the lookout. He is also sometimes called Piccolo Boy because of his habit of playing piccolo at every opportunity at Davidson '04. He, along with Natalie Jacewicz and Emma Johnson, wrote the script to 2007's Doctor Doctor, in which he also played the role of the daughter. We are all lucky because Evan has one more year.

EDIT: No! This is Evan's last year. Many of us are devastated. What will TIP do without his provocative French Maid outfits? Woe is we.



  • - (while these two were initially enemies as roommates, by their fourth year, they were nearly inseparable) and Jon (Random Asian who was never heard of again)
  • - No roommate
  • - Joshua (aka naked boy)
  • 2007- Noel (their room had AC!)

TIP Relics

Nathan Wenger

Duke West II 2013- Forensic Anthropology, Parth's Rag

Duke West II 2014- Neuroscience, Benny's Rag

Duke West II 2015- Electrical Engineering, Eidan's Rag

Grace West

Duke East I 2008

Parrish West

Davidson II 2011 - That's Debatable, Sam's RAG

Known for Parrish Story Time and being an awesome debater and future president.

Sara Whitman

complete info at Sara Whitman.

Jackson Whitcup

Jackson was born as Snajock Puwitch in Beirut in 1964 as a dwarf to a family of Jewish merchants. After his father came out to be a spy, the family fled to the United States. Snajock has attended TiP every year, lying about his age and getting away with it because of his appearance. Each four years he goes by a different anagram of his name. The only reason I know this information is because he left it in an open notebook at evening session. I desperately pleaded with the Main Office to look into the matter and bring justice to Snajock but they dismissed it as bored free-writing. He happens to be not only a strong and passionate lover but a diabolical genius. I saw his plans to genetically engineer what I made out to be a hybrid of an octopus and his TA naked.

Valerie Whitten

ASU Term One

6th floor

Member of Katie’s Black Bean Burgers

Experiments in Chemistry, Biology and Physics

She was known for running a nail buisness, attracted many clients and became known as the Nail Girl

More information about her can be found at Valerie Whitten

Alex Witt

  • Wake Forest Term 2 2013
    • Faris' Rag
    • Class: Algebra II
      • The next David Beckham

Cara Wilde

Duke East I 2008

Corinne Wilkinson

Duke East I 2010

Corinne is an amzing chic! Everyone loves her! She has the best dance moves ever! she rox everyone's sox!

Kelly Williams

Trinity 2009- Creative Writing Duke East I 2010- Apocalypse Soon Duke East I 2011- Microeconomics

Kelly is a beloved member of the Super Snazzy Six with a strange ability to attract roommate drama. She was (relatively drama-free) roommates with Amber Roberson, a friend from Trinity, in 2011. They had the hangout room for the SSS, which led to many escapades. One of the infamous grapers of Amber's pikachu son Miles from 2010, which resulted in his being tied to the radiator for about a week straight. Also parented a ping pong ball named LuhFawnduh with Amber. She's known for having copious amounts of duct tape and making awesome things with it (a fact she is not proud of), chewing gum, and having awesomely painted nails.

Danielle Williamson

Duke East I 2010

ahhhh... danielle where to start... she's CRAZY but how can anyone not love her? she enjoys taking creeper pictures of people and is just awesomeee.

Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson attended Duke East, Term 1 2007. He was a hardcore couchpiler, and took Philosophy: Mind and Meaning, along with fellow couchpilers Emily Rose, Rachel VanDaalen, and Martini Thomson. He had also previously attended Duke East, Term 1 2006, taking Fantasy Lit with Bucket, and Davidson, Term 1 2005, where he took Philosophy with Martini Thomson.

In 2006, along with Martini Thomson, Adam played a role as one of the originators of Chair Symbiotism. He and Martini also created the rather suggestive sport of Treedancing. To add the already quite formidable list of inventions, Adam came up with the song "Jeebus Loves Me." This touching Jesus Jingle not only incorporates vastly un-TIP-propriate lyrics, but will also most likely goad a pack of rabid Fundamentalist Christians into burning him at the stake.

Not surprisingly, Adam is an atheist, and rather vocal about it. During Philosophy 07, one of the most common phrases that he used to announce the commencement of his arduous ramblings was "I'm an atheist, but..." Adam is known for his incredible womanly curves. The current theory states that, in a sort of cosmic slip-up, Adam took the curves intended for Rose, and Rose obtained the rock-hard abs intended for Adam.

In addition to his amazingly womanly curves, Adam is known for his heart-stopping interpretative dance moves, his rather unique Crossdressing Day outfit, his propensity to wear all black, the awkward turtle (a balloon turtle that he brought to Philosophy) and his highly amusing poke-induced seizures. He is an experienced Couchpiler, Human Knotter, and Treedancer. He was once eaten by Socrates for breakfast, but survived the experience. It is also rumored that on Crossdress Wednesday he received a wink and a discount from Francesca, as well as causing several cars to slow down so that their occupants could gape at him in confused awe. Adam was also the one to dub Cara Weisman's hat the "Whore Hat", as it makes people resemble either English schoolboys or dominatrices. This hat completed his crossdressing ensemble and also has been loaned to multiple people before finally returning to Cara on the last day.

He is half of Freud's reincarnation, and so, by extension, Rose's other half, which became known as Adomily. They appeared to share a mental connection, each knowing precisely what the other was thinking, especially where it involved subjects of a rather perverted nature.

Adam performed Don't Tell Mama for the Lip Synch. It is said that he accidentally flashed the entire front row, and then afterwards was complimented far too many times about his legs as well as receiving two death threats. He also played a role in the Bulbous Bouffant skit during the Talent Show.

Aside from being Rose's other half, Adam also has a self-created split personality named Fabio. Fabio is notorious for coming out during dances, mainly male couch piles, and quite memorably, during his Lip Synch of Don't Tell Mama and during most of Crossdress Wednesday.

Adam's razor-sharp "ass blades" have been the source of much pain and suffering to the Couch Piling Posse. He is known to have caused several bruises with these near-lethal weapons. It is thought that Adam's habit of chugging Slenderize did absolutely nothing to improve this.

In the last week of TIP, the Philosophy class took a field trip to the Primate Center. It was here that Adam first gazed upon The Lemur, a life-sized stuffed lemur. It was love at first sight, and Adam simply couldn't resist purchasing the huggable simian. During the last three days of TIP, Adam and his lemur developed a deeply emotional, perhaps even spiritual, bond, as it was constantly hanging around his neck in a never ending lemur-hug. Adam could sometimes be spotted furiously pursuing those who managed to kidnap his lemur, including Martini Thomson, Emily Rose, Rachel VanDaalen, and Nick Padinha. The only person who was able to successfully abduct the Lemur for any period of time was Martini Thomson, who cruelly placed it on the bed in front of the door in her room. Adam was helpless, and could only beg and grovel in front of her door and offer to trade his roommate, Nick Padinha, for the Lemur, as retrieving the lemur himself would violate the visitation policy.

Throughout TIP, Adam constantly flaunted his ruthlessness at Egyptian Rat Screw, even beating the infamous Peter Sloan and rising to his rightful place as one of the true masters, along with Trevor Cross and Audrey Adu. However, the RC Danielle beat all three in the summer of 2008. He also became a rabid Speed Scrabble player after being introduced to it by Trevor and Peter.

Adam was a key creator of TIPspam, along with Martini Thomson and Emily Rose during the Summer of 2006.

As of East 1, 2008, Adam Wilson is one of the few lucky owners of a fingerknitting yarn chain. His is purple. Also during East 1, Adam and Cat Hollander were known for their somewhat kinky dancing, usually halted by one or more RCs. This was proven to be true especially during "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy", during the last dance, which led to suggestions that that song may not ever be played at a TIP dance again. As well this duo were known for amazing improv dancing at all three dances. These dances actually attracted audiences and applause. Even out of the dances, the duo was known to spontaneously burst out into song, dance or both, belting whatever Broadway Show came to mind. Adam is well known as a "man-whore" and flaunts this reputation ruthlessly.

He took Revolution and Terror in his final year at TiP, gracing the rest of RevT with his presence. He would often engage in friendly arguements with professor Andrew Sparling, and is quoted saying, after a particuarly athiest remark, "Ghandi and FDR are the only people in heaven anyway." He would also go on long rants on the political inaccuracies of V for Vendetta, and subjected everyone to it for 12 minutes (the limit was 5) at his end of term speech.

Adam was one of the three incredibly talented interpretive dancers during the interpretive dance competition, along with Arielle and Yates. At the start of the song (Bohemian Rhapsody) Arielle gave birth to Adam with Yates assisting. This was followed by many other moves such as Riverdancing, the Can-Can and mad tango skills. Unfortunately the judges deemed that while their dancing was incredible, the 2nd year group, while not dancing as well, "interpreted the lyrics" better and awarded them first place, despite the entire camp's protests.

During the Lipsynch of East 1 2008 Adam Wilson took part in the Trans-gender Cell Block Tango, along with his compatriots fourth years Cara Weisman, Trevor Cross, Dylan Crouch, Emily Rose, Blake Montgomery, Nik Padinha (who took to being ill and couldnt perform),Smith Mathieu(who sub-ed in for Nik), Rachel VanDaalen, and third years Cat Hollander, Charmee Mehta, and Joe Sharp. This was choreographed by Cat, and considered a risque success involving flying kicks off of chairs, tangoing and incredibly slutty performances by every guy in the production.

As well, Adam is also the only known TIPster to have successfully flirted with an R.C. (Peter Sloan). This occurred during the androgynous speed dating experiment, which the un/lucky R.C. joined to create an even number. Unfortunately, after some intense use of both eyebrows and tongue, Peter was scared away, leaving speed dating largely unsupervised. During that same night, Adam led the speed dating group in Term 1, 2008's only instance of the game Wink.

Emma Wilson

Duke East I 2008

Vanessa Wilson

UGA term 2 2010. Vanessa wilson tipbest friend. my roomie. i will always love her. shes amazingg. and i miss her so much and cant wait til next year. everyone loves nessie(: mission *rubs face* forever. <3

Rachel Wipfler

KU Term 2 2009, TAMU Term 1 2010, Duke West Term 1 2011

Rachel is a very lovable, yet awkward Tipster. She was in Social Psychology during her third year at TiP. She is known for being the very first person to be "mattressed" (a process where your mattress is unwillingly and unknowningly shoved into your closet, left for you to later find there). Her and her roommate got along pretty well, both reminding each other to complete various activities that they would have otherwise forgotten. Rachel is also known for always being cold, and almost constantly being accompanied by a sweatshirt.

  • MATTRESSED BY ME!!!!!! (if you don't know who this is, then it doesn't matter)
    • Which one are you? The mastermind behind the revenge or the sidekick who helped you carry (literally) it out?
  • the mastermind behind the revenge, of course!

Katie Wofford

Davidson Term One 2007: Algebra 1 Duke East Term Two 2008: Algebra 2 Duke East Term Two 2010: Spy 101 (Cryptography and Number Theory)

Also known as "K-Woff" "Koala Katie" "Skinny Bitch" "Skinny Biznitch" and just plain old "Bitch" (but affectionately). Known for adopting second years (as a fourth year) and wearing her lanyard as a headband (for intimidation purposes). Rescued the Baby Llama from "Dan the Man" the Spy 101 TA. Witnesses the infamous Bassett Boycott of Quadfest (though they still won) and the loss of Quadfest for Bassett in 2010 (due a calculation error, i'm sure). Was a member of the Lazer Dragons (#69) when they beat the staff 15-3 (YEEEEAHH!). Constantly plagued for being "a man" (not true) and was thus left many articles of male clothing from fellow fourth years in their wills. More importantly was left complete immunity to Voldemort by Sarah Abussa (Obi Wan's mother). Also known for wearing obnoxious colors and awesome shoes.

Mary Clarke Worthington

Davidson | 2010; Cryptography Duke West | 2011: Primate Bio Duke West | 2012: Nanotechnology Duke West | 2013: Genetics

I doubt this article will do her justice, because it is impossible to use a couple (or even a lot of) words to describe Mary I'll just describe some random things that she did. She loudly played kickass rock music on her speakers around Davidson. She drew her herd of muffin on the walls. She(along with her RC group at Davidson) named every stall in their bathroom, with the entire place know as the office (including jon's cubical, loo's cubical, the fountain of wonder, the water closet, and eric stalati's (sp?) cubical) . She created Manly-Man and Dumbly-Dumb points with Amanda Taylor in 2011, because the twins kept doing stupid things. She makes people bleed, but never bleeds herself despite numerous efforts from Amanda Taylor(though a trashcan came close). It is believed she replaces her blood with diet coke. She invented the name Tri-racial oreo(even though a different RC group copied her). She got pudding everywhere (everywhere. At duke west she managed to get it on her partners crotch) on her partner during the pudding pass at both Davidson Duke West all three years. She was completely loved by her complete freaking amazing devoted group of friends(even though she hates them being called a group)(she prefers the term followers). She along with Tommy, Jacob, Joanna, Amanda, Margaret, and Asian Zach were kicked off the playground at the bulls game for not being under 5 years they got balloon swords. For her fourth year in 2013, she heavily promoted spirit week, putting up posters in every single letter of Kilgo to get as many people to participate in every single spirit day, dressing to the fullest for every one herself. She was also quadfest captain of the Grellow team, and despite the Grellow team losing due to discrimination, she celebrated the end to the 7 hour long quadfest by covering everyone she could find in chocolate syrup. She sang "Goodnight Moon" in the talent show with several of her friends, and was also director of the fourth year Doctor Doctor skits. In addition, she was a member of the Dream Team, the ultimate frisbee team which beat the staff in the staff v. student frisbee game. Though she has no current plans to return as an RC, she hopes that she had a positive effect on everyone she met and inspired all second and third years to carry on traditions no matter what the cost.

Hailey Wozniak

Hailey Wozniak

Lizzie Wright

Wake Forest Term I 2014 and 2015 Duke East Term I 2016 and 2017 Holder of Sockeisha 2017 Blazemistress II

Last Name X

Peter Xenopoulos

Duke West | 2011: Crunching the Numbers

Cool last name dog. Started the Bernie trend at Duke West 2011. Nickname: Woody for reasons that I will not explain.

Last Name Y

Josh Yandell

Davidson I 2008: Criminal Law and YARGness Duke West II 2009: Physics of Energy and More Friends Duke West II 2010: Programming for Video Games and First RelationTiP Duke West II 2011: Nanotechnology and Inception within Inception

Josh Yandell was an interesting fellow. Mostly known for his red hair, cleft lip, and stranger sense of humor, his social status grew largely over his 4 years at TiP. This man went from a socially awkward tall guy to the creator and co-creator of such notable things as the Fridge, Inception jokes, TiPpropriate police, and serving as an MC for the West 2011 II Talent Show and in the Lover's of KP & Tara. Here is the story of his life at TiP.

Davidson I 2008

At the very start, Josh was at his most awkward state. Didn't really know how to socialize very well. This began to change as he met his roommate, Jacob Weissman. This man will carry out with Josh for the rest of his TiP life. At Davidson, Jake was Josh's best friend, and they soon developed their own inside jokes, such as the word used for much unpleasant disagreement: "YARG". Unfortunately, Josh never saw the rest of his RAG again after the term, even though they were all pretty cool guys. At his first day of class, Josh also realized that he wasn't as knowledgeable as previously thought. All of his other classmates seemed to know much more on multiple subjects than he did. However, this class was Criminal Law; a subject he was not planning on actually taking up in life, but simply something new. In this class he especially friended Imran Cronk, Joshua Lafond-Favieres, and Haley Jones. Imran was a person Josh looked up to at Duke, and he tried to hang out with this man as much as possible. The other Josh was a man Josh Y looked eye to eye with, and they occasionally shaired jokes and conversations. Haley was thought of as a friend, but soon Josh realized he was starting to like her. This went on throughout the term, but he never got the courage to tell her of his fancying of her. At the Summer Games competition, Josh met Bobby during the dance off competition. Although they would only talk once during this term, their relationship would grow over the next 3 years. Not much else was done by Josh that year.

Duke West II 2009

Sharon Yang

Duke East I 2010

Sharon was such a sweet asian! She was amazing at ninja, even though she had a giant brace on her leg!

Anna Yannakopoulos

Duke West II 2011

Her name is pronounced Ah-nuh Yah-nuh-kah-puh-los, and she is fabulous at physics and has an inordinate love of Richard Feynman.

Jenny Yao

Her real name is Junru but nobody ever called her that. She was this small, skinny, innocent girl who had to constantly listen to Prayo's oddball comments. She was a great friend and always saw Scotty as a threat to Margaux. She was a pretty weird girl herself though, but she was so sweet. Like the little puppy in the family.

Olivia Yates

Duke West II 2011 Stones and Bones

Duke West II 2013 Physics of Energy

Jessica Yen

Georgia Tech II 2014 Robotics

Carl Yin

Duke East I 2010

Carl is a rockin cool dude! he's from good ol Chapel Hill! Carl is famous at tip for his Carlness and his lip sync with Will Erwin, Dakota Simpson, and Zach Pelka. I <3 carl!

He was also very adorable, had a cool "FLY" t-shirt, and was smart. And Asian.

Jason Yoon

Duke East I 2008

Morgan Young

Morgan Young was a TIPster at Duke West '09. She was in Kat's rag. She is famous for her red curly hair, her awkward long hugs, and for having the TIP baby (balloon) Mary Ann. She is one of the best TIPsters ever. Her favorite fourth year was .

At duke east 10 term one, Morgan lived in 2nd floor Brown but was integrated in the 3rd floor bassett family. She always sticks her tongue out for pictures, has the most adorable smile, and speaks the most original, morgan-esque dialect. Also, Morgan, Sarah Sanbar, and Irene Hsu embarked on their final journey together from Durham to Atlanta on the last day of tip. it was the most heartbreaking journey ever known to mankind.

It should be noted that her eyes were blue, and her right eye had a splash of brown in them. Pretty darn cool. Matches her and her personality.

Kaitlin Yu

Davidson Term 2 Creative Writing

Kaitlin was an extremely weird and crazy girl once you got to know her. For some odd reason, everyone kept assuming she was gay because she strongly supported gay rights. She was very annoyed about that. She lived on the second floor with Rachel as her RC. She felt very thankful of that because she felt like some other RCs were very scary. She was very athletic and liked to read, though it should be noted that she hurt her leg in the last week when sliding into first base... and into another guy's shin. It hurt her very much.

She was from Kansas and said she would probably not come back 2014 because she felt the camp was way too expensive to come back another year. She would like to come back though.

Kaitlin made the weirdest faces, and despite being in Creative Writing, could not tell stories through speech. She loved music, and she really loves the cookies at Davidson. She would miss those cookies.

She can get very irritated towards books and people especially when those people call her friends names and words that she very much dislikes (cough). She was friends with a lot of people and was (probably) widely liked by everyone. She was a random person, and if you met her on the streets you'd think, "Who is this crazy Asian?" but she would want you to think that.

Faith Yu

Duke West I 2009: Forensic Science Duke West I 2010: Anatomy/Physiology/Medical Ethics Duke West I 2011: Neuroscience

Faith was such a nice person and liked by everyone (even loved by some!). She took Neuroscience in her last year. As a fourth year, she had many "younger brothers" (Jacob McConaghie, Vincent Metoyer, and Albin John) that were third years. Everyone cried really hard when her bus left, but good thing people can still Skype with her. Faith's roommate during her last year was Ellen Yuan (her favorite). She was a vital part of the Curry-Cubed Trio (see or ). She also told amazing stories about pencils, grass, TAMS, and other random things. Faith always had a song stuck in her head and gave the best hugs.

Ellen Yuan

Duke West Term I 2010: Crunching the Numbers Duke West Term I 2011: Bio of Cancer

During her first year at TIP, Ellen was known in her class for her coming-of-age comments towards her TA, Karolle, as well as saying "Look! There's my dad!" during the walks to class. Not only was Ellen was the only fourth year in her Bio of Cancer class, but she also made a great first impression on the first day as she tripped over her instructor's computer cord. (She also took frequent trips to the bathroom during class with her bathroom buddy, Patricia). Ellen's best friend at TIP was definitely Wendy Ji. Ellen was like Wendy...except maybe Wendy was 10x better (Hm... Wendy sounds conceited); everybody thought they were sisters. Anyways Ellen made it her goal to try to say hi (Wendy, you wrote it wrong... it's HAYYYYY) to everyone during her fourth year. So basically she knew everybody, but the same cannot be said about her. Ellen always barged into other people's rooms and went on food hunts (Ellen, despite her tiny little body, eats 24/7) It came to the point that Wendy's roommate was terrorized by Ellen's frequent barges into the room. Actually Wendy and Ellen even wanted to be roommates for their 4th year after meeting each other their 3rd year. But since they lived 20 minutes away from each other this did not happen, and probably for the best (instead, she got the best roommate ever, Faith Yu). At the last dance, Ellen escorted two third year guys, Samir Gadre and Aditya (Squeaker) Mahadevan. Ellen had many relationTIPs with people; basically any Indian second or third year (ie. Squeaker, Samir, Pranav, Double R, Niranjan, Shyam, Nigel, Haroon, Zamil, Arjun). However, she is NOT a ho. Ellen emceed with Wendy for the Talent Show, after being requested to emcee with Wendy because they were "hilarious" together. Ellen tried to be funny, but most people just laughed from pity though. (What did the sushi say to the bee? WASSSAAA bee... I am SO funny!). Ellen could be heard throughout all of West campus with her HAYYYs and was most definitely the loudest person on campus. And... *swag walks in* Fawwad, her mostest favorite person in the world was here..... Peace Out

Last Name Z

Joyce Zhang

Duke East Term 1 2010. Joyce is one of those Asians who is black or white at heart, unlike the Asians who are Asian at heart. She is witty, somewhat obnoxious, sarcastic, very, very perverted, and funny. very, very funny. she lives in Boston and is very proud of her Bostonian heritage.

She was in Lily's rag and also a part of the infamous brown 3rd floor. Joyce's knack for cursing, uncanny ability to talk over everyone, and almost-perfect wink/smile routine will always, always be remembered.

She is also very preppy, and also incredibly blunt about everything.