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Steph is probably one of the more ADHD TIPsters who has spent her first two years at Davidson for TIP.

At Davidson

Her first year (06), she was more shy than anything and valued sleep over all! Her best friend was Lexi Sparks, with whom she still keeps in contact.She met Aaron Shinn at "Back to Kindergarten" the last week of Term II 2006, and they immediately became close friends Her second year, she could be seen hanging around the first floor, the all guys hall, or in their rooms... not very TIPpropriate... The RCs took a liking to her, but sometimes it's not clear why. She choreographed Cell Block Tango and probably pissed a lot of people off, including a certain second year boy whom she shamed into participation with a late night 3-way phone conversation. Her adventures with her other Davidson friends were the subject of several "Things You are Not Allowed to do at Nerd Camp" entries.

2006: Roommate- Izzy Kuller. RC- Aimee. Class- Ecology (teacher: Robert Corbin. TA: Miss Jen) 2007: Roommate- Julia Wayne. RC- Jennie. Class- Psychology (teacher: Lori Mack. TA: Dana Norton)

At East

Her third and fourth year were spent at East term 2, an avid supporter of traditions. She was in the SMP her fourth year along with her closest girl friends under the guidance of Kate Shafer. Steph and Aaron, who reunited in 2008 added to their dancing numbers Term II 2009. However, the three were denied their dance through the tragedy of Swine 09 as TIP East Term II was closed on July 22. She is one of the most fabulous dancers Duke East has ever seen.
Swine 09: The year of Swine 09 brought Steph back to East for fourth year. She was brought to the Raleigh-Durham airport on a late plane and was hence sent to East on the last shuttle bus. This forced her to hurry through check-in and skip on reunions with friends, an act she would regret later. The initial check-in required a Swine test of sorts, which she failed because of a tickle in her throat. This sent her to quarantine until orientation (and she missed dinner) and then back into quarantine at on-hall time. She was sent to the physician on Monday (who cleared her, but the office refused clearance without Swine tests) and was in complete quarantine on East until Tuesday afternoon. She enjoyed one night with her roommate before said roommate was found carrying the H1N1 virus. Steph is also credited for writing the song "TiPmerican Pentapie," a song about Swine 09 (page pending).

2008: Roommate- Carolyn Payne. RC- Annie Searcy. Class- Avatar (teacher: Dr. Potdar (Dr. Poptart). TA: Christina Song) 2009: Roommate- Lydia Ford. RC- Emily Hanna. Class- Religions of the World (teacher: David Bedar. TA: Betsy Allen)

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