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Tyler was a residential counselor at Davidson College in Davidson, NC the summers of 2016 and 2017 as well as at the Duke University Marine Lab during the summer of 2018. That is all.

He's also a TIPWiki admin, so keep that in mind.

Davidson Term 1 2016

As Tyler's first RAG in his RC career, "The Crew" was legendary. They managed to clench an award during TIPsync with their performance of "A Thousand Miles", and was one of 4 teams to represent the Blue Team during Summerfest. Many of the members developed a close bond during their first term at TIP, and with their RC as well.


• Juicy Josh
• Jumping Jack (it's a pun) (Tyler find me on insta @jack__southard_ or amosc @jperson_55)
• Yechan
• JT (his nickname) Jason
• Hexagonal Hasten
• Intelligent Ike
• Buoyant Bobby
• Cool Carsten
• Awesome Andrew
• Super Srikar
• Jubilant Justin
• Stunning/Scummy (not sure which he said) Sammy
• Round Rosh
• Tenacious Tommy

DUML 2018

•Anthony •Connor •Andrew Sports •Owen •Patrick (Daddy Patty) •Chris •Kyle •Michael •Ron Jon •Andrew not Sports •Nicholas •Vincent

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