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2007 is the previous TiP year, in which Term I started officially June 10th and ended June 30th. The second term began July 8th and ended July 28th. This applies to all campuses but University of Kansas (which has terms starting and ending one day later) and Duke Marine Lab which has one term starting on June 17th and ending July 7th. The final day of TiP 2007 will be on July 29th at the University of Kansas.

TiP Relics

During Term 1 East 2007, a 4th year Ethan brought a hat which ended up being called the "Shazaam Hat" and it was bestowed onto Ryan Jeung. During Term 2 East, the RAG of Philip Sugg had an awesome term book picture mimicking the famous Last Supper painting. The "goblet" (cut off top of a water bottle) held by Philip in the picture has been inscribed (in Sharpie) with the title "The Holy Grail." It is currently in the hands of Joseph Labatt.

Year Svusch's Fairy Wings Pimp Robe Wearer Boosh Holder "Timmy" Llama Mama Courses Available
2005 Svusch Linkous Alex Marden N/A Jason La Rue Kathleen Mayer See the Campuses
2006 Brandon Clark Liz Gildea Kinky Tom Eric Mefford See the Campuses
2007 Donald Moratz Steph LaRue AC/DC Available Here