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letositolono Steph is a TIPster who is the younger sister of the original Timmy.
She is also the current "Timmy", having inherited the title from Kinky Tom in his fourth year will at the end of Term II '06.
She's not very interesting (Edit by Eliot: Yes she is), and most of the people who know are probably do from her being (extreemly awesome and totally hot!!!!!!!---Will "Schweppes") the original Timmy's sister, or from the fact that she was in a relationship with Eliot, a well-known fourth year East '06.
She's an official member of the Iraqi Ninja Beaversharks. And watch out, she's got admin rights!

Preceded by:
Kinky Tom
Timmy Succeeded by:

Year TIPyear Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate
2004 1st Davidson II Myths and Legends Richardson Pon-Pon Laura McFadden
2005 2nd Davidson II Writing Creatively Belk Brook Teagan Mullons
2006 3rd Duke East II The Play's the Thing Pegram Kavita Anna Rowe Dennis