Will Smith

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Will Smith
Campus(es) Trinity, Wake Forest, West Campus
Attended Term 1 2012-2015
Course(s) Physics of Propulsion, Web Design, Programming for Video Games, Electrical Engineering
RAG(s) Gabriel, Bald Colin, Josh, Boom Squad
Roommate(s) Isaac Swift, That Short Annoying Kid, Remy Tunstall, Dominik Korunda
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About Will

H-town kids turn up! Definitely hangs out with H-town Boom Squad member Becca 24/7.

Will was an awkward little fishy until 4th year when he blossomed out of nowhere, like whoa dude wtf.

Trinity Term 1 2012

This was a dark time in my youth, nothing of note was done by me in this year.

Wake Forest Term 1 2013

Another dark year in the annals of my history, this year, still firmly in my bubble, I spent most of my time in my room, and remember very little outside of class. TIPsync was won my my RAG performing "White and Nerdy."

West Term 1 2014

The only notable event that I'm aware of is Bennett's Room

West Term 1 2015

In his final and most destructive year as a tipster, Will created chaos among the RC's. Will was a member of the Boom Squad and, like the rest of them, was constantly hated by the entire staff. After the Don't Break The Ceiling incident, Will became known for removing ceiling tiles and leaving them by the doors of the second floor RC's.

In addition to this, Will Smith has a majestically beautiful voice that mesmerizes all those who listen to it. Will uses this voice to his advantage through his useless joke telling and dramatic readings and interpretations of 50 Shades of Grey (it should be noted this these readings were accompained by cries of "BACKSTORY" from Jason Ly, the only member of Boom Squad who had previously read the book.)

Broken Finger

One of many notable events includes the time Will broke his hand. Very early on the morning of Wednesday, June 24th, Will rolled out of bed and landed on his hand. Realizing that the pain was immense and he should probably get some help, Will stumbled from his room with the intent of knocking on Peter's door. However, as Peter opened the door, Will passed out (which of course caused Peter to panic and call ems). When the Boom Squad woke up the next morning to find Will missing, Becca tried to contact him many times before the group left for breakfast, but she received no response. After the group had finished breakfast and everybody had headed off to their classes for the day, Will texted the groupme and informed them that he had broken his hand and would explain the full story after he had gotten some rest.