Sam Dawson

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Sam (RC)

Second Floor Cannon

RC Group Term 2 2011 Davidson (in alphabetical order):

  • Kyle Daniel
  • Ian English
  • Ian Gregoire
  • Rohan Nakka
  • Hans Li
  • Alexander Roberts
  • Dylan Russell
  • Gerui (Ray) Sheng
  • Tyler Tinari
  • Kyle Verhaeg
  • Parrish West

Sam's group was on the red team during Summerfest (and the red team won). Red Team dominated, by the way. The group is also known for doing the dougie for TIPSync. In the morning, Sam's group and Jim's group usually waited until 8:59 in the morning to walk to the front of Vail to go to their classes.

RC Sam in 2012 Term 2

-RC Sam + RC Abbey -Head shaved by Abbey's RC group