Sarah Tanner

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course
2012 2nd Duke East II Politics in the Middle East
2013 3rd Duke East II Big Screen, Little Screen: Writing for the Camera

Fun Facts:

  • She's in a polygamous relationship and she's getting married in Utah.
  • She's secretly Regina Spektor.
  • She looks a lot like Kristen Stewart (or KStew, as Sarah affectionately calls her).
  • She was in a relationTiP with JR Culpepper her 3rd year.
  • She was in Shae's RAG her 3rd year, and the RAG called themselves "Shae's Baes"
  • She REALLY likes Tchaikovsky.
  • She's a cat.
  • PiME is her favorite class.

Sarah Tanner is currently a 2nd year 3rd year. She has done great things at TiP, and she has even become Sexy Mama for East Term 2 2014.

Preceded by:
Sarah Welsh
Sexy Mama Succeeded by: