Story Snakes

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The concept of Story Snakes was created by Ryan Switzer during a lesson on affidavits and case study during Mock Trial Term One at Trinity. It was said that cases are formatted like stories and soon-after, the class was asked how the plot line of a story looked drawn out; after answering the typical "mountain", they were politely corrected that plots were more like squiggles, snakes if you would.

A few days later while working on their side of the case, Soren Creecy felt like they had been moving adequately for a decent amount of time and took quickly to doodling in the margins of their paper. It is unknown exactly what the images that would ultimately come to be "Story Snakes" originated as, but they appeared to be something of unreal nature, taking the shape of a flat tube with a semi-realistic face plastered to its lower mid-region. The appearance of these around notebooks and t-shirt designs came to be something of a contradiction between the personalities of the class, but due to the support of their TA, hate upon it was never really an issue.

A singular, curvy Story Snake eventually made its way onto the finalized t-shirt design of the class.