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Swampfest is the Kansas equivalent to Quadfest. Although there are no swamps in Kansas, that is the name. Don't push it.

The RC groups are split up into teams, and then compete for a non-existent prize.However, this year, the prize was that the winning team got to decide what color Lee Bisset's hair would be for the rest of term. The competition is divided into three parts: Cheers, Activities, and Skits. The skits are generally staff impersonations.

There are usually three teams (red, blue, green), but in 2006, they changed it to four teams (red, yellow, blue, green).

Past Activities

  • Jello snarfle
  • Chubby Bunny
  • Dizzy Bat
  • Animal Races
  • Rock, Land, Tree
  • Mystery Races #1,2,3
  • Marshmellow Delight
  • Tug of War
  • Junk Art
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Cheesey Poof Face

Previous Winners

Please help Kansans! If you went to Duke TIP Kansas, please add to this chart!

Year Term Team
2005 I Red Hot II Toxic Waste (green)
2006 Term I Three-way tie: Electric Bananas (yellow), green, blue Term II Yellow
2008 Term I Team America(Red, White, and Blue)
2009 Term I I beleive it was the Pink Pansies Term II Purple Rain
2010 Term II Kaleidoscopes (Rainbow)
2013 Term 1 Cookie Monsters: We one by one point! (Blue)