Sydney's Legendary RC Group

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Sydney's Legendary RC Group was clearly the best RC group at WFU term II 2016.


Enzo (Most likely to be Bottle Flipping World Champion... least likely to win Rock Paper Scissors)

Rohan (Most likely to question everything (part of debate class... surprised?))

Alistar (Most likely to wear sunglasses inside and watch South Park)

Benoit (Most likely to start a legitimate business with Victor)

Victor (Most likely to order improperly packaged items and play CS Go)

Clark (Most likely to be the Flash and have way too much food)

Dav (Most likely to wear a lab coat (see Henry and the Hot Plates) and you can wear his too)

Charlie (Most likely to break the shower)

Austin (Most likely to be the next Morgan Freeman (voice))

Spencer (Most likely to be playing Geometry Dash)

Ash (Most likely to be spittin' rhymes like Drake and spraying lysol)

Their RC, Sydney, had to leave before everyone else to attend her best friend's wedding. She will be missed, and we will all remember her as the RC who played Pokemon with her RAG.