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Tarah The Musical was a concept idea, mainly involving members from Sarah's RC Group, at Trinity 2013 Term 1. Tarah The Musical was the not-so-true telling about the famous RelationTIP between RCs Tim and Sarah, shipped: Tarah. Tarah was an actual relationTIP, but the storyline of Tarah The Musical was, for the most part, fiction.


Tarah The Musical starts off with Tim going around campus promoting the Duke Tip Guide To Summer Studies in the style of the song "Hello" from Book Of Mormon. He eventually meets Sarah in his attempt, and the two instantly fall in love (in the style of "What is This Feeling?" from Wicked). The next scene takes place at the Lip Sync competition, where Tim asks Sarah to the dance, and she accepts. The following scene shows the two at the dance, and Tim teaches Sarah how to preform the Hand Jive for the upcoming Hand Jive competition. the competition happens ("Born To Hand-Jive" from Grease), and Tim and Sarah win. The next day, both RCs are faced with explaining to their kids the events of the dance and the times spent after the dance (in the style of "Summer Nights" from Grease). The Next scene shows the girls of Sarah's RC group gossiping about the relationTIP that their RC was in. At one point, one of the girls mentions how cute it would be if Tim proposed, to which another girl stated that she heard Tim telling Scott about "the big night" that was supposedly that night. They then begin to sing in the style of "Omigod" from Legally Blonde: The Musical, and Sarah joins in, claiming that "Tim and [her] are meeting in the lounge tonight." In the next scene, Sarah enters the lounge to find Tim. Tim begins singing "You're just to good to be true" from Jersey Boys, and at one point during the song takes out a ring. After he finishes, Sarah accepts the proposal. But before it ends, the girls of Sarah's group state that every good couple needs a ship-name. After consulting with Tim's RC group, the kids decide that the ship-name should be Tarah. The musical closes with "We Go Together" from Grease.


The Music of Tarah The Musical consists of shortened versions of popular Broadway songs with the lyrics having been slightly modified to match the current situation and make inside jokes about TIP (Eg: "We stayed up/Past 10:45!" "In such pure TIPpreciation!"). The songs used as inspiration for the show and the show that they originally appeared on were:

  • Hello: Book of Mormon
  • What Is This Feeling (Loathing): Wicked
  • Born To Hand Jive: Grease
  • Summer Nights: Grease
  • Omigod: Legally Blonde The Musical
  • You're Just To Good To Be True: Jersey Boys
  • We Go Together: Grease

Cast and Creative Team

The Cast of Tarah The Musical had never exactly been completed, but the portion of it that was is as follows:

  • Tim - Gus
  • Sarah - Isabel (Isabel dropped out once the cancelling of the show became inevitable, but in an act of hope was replaced by Caroline)
  • Rock Star - Brendan
  • Tim's RC group - Sam, Danny, and Joseph
  • Sarah's RC group - Caroline (later she was changed to Sarah, so was no longer part of the RC group), (This is where it ends. the lack of girls is one of the reasons the production never made it to the stage)

The writer/director of the musical was Gus. He wrote the script and re-wrote the lyrics, as well as being the man who would've directed the show, had it gone through as planned.

Controversy and the cancelling of the show


Tarah The Musical was something that most TIPsters at the time thought was overrated, and that Tarah itself was something that Sarah's RC group spoke of much too often.

Cancelling of the Show

The reasons that led to the eventual stopping of the production were as follows:

  • Controversy
  • Time Issues
  • Lack of a convenient audition slot
  • Etc.


To read a FULL COPY of the script, click here