Te's Kings

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Duke West 2019 Term 2 rag which got its name from TipSync. Originally named Te's Princes and performing "Hit Me Baby, One More Time" by Britney Spears, thought the performance was so great that he decided to suggest "Te's Kings" and the name stuck.

Members include:

  • Andrew Wang
  • Arman Tavallaei - Most likely to fight Admin
  • Beto Tijerina - Most Likely to order a boat load of crap
  • Bob Whigham
  • Bobby Peters
  • Jason Valdez
  • Joseph Lu
  • Josh Levy
  • Max Timberlake
  • Meir Schochet - Most likely to not speak for us
  • Nic Tuemler
  • Peter Finesse - Softest Hands
  • Samuel Chesshir
  • Sharat Val