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Term 1 and Term 2 tend to have slightly different atmospheres and attitudes toward the program. It is hypothesized that since new staff have already been through one term, and now know what they're doing, their attitude towards students change, which in turn changes the students' attitude towards TiP as a whole.

Term I

Term I obviously cares more about TiP. They are like "hey, I wanna go to TiP right now" and Term II kids are like "hey, I don't want to go to TiP right now." We also have better traditions. Pros:

  • More Fourth Years Come Back To Session 1
  • More Participation in Traditions/Frisbee
  • More Kids with Tougher Homelives/Hate Where They Live
  • More Love Between Kids with Tough Homelives/Hate Where They Live
  • More RelationTiPs (though not according to the RelationTIPs page...)
  • More TiP Lore
  • More TiP

Term II

Term 2 follows traditions more fanatically, for example, the Llama and Oh Noetry.

And actually, Term II-ers love TiP more. (We definitely llove it more, and that's what really matters.) They know that it's more important for it to be later so that it's closer to the rest of their lives. Term I kids are like, "Hey, I wanna go to TiP right now," but Term II kids are like, "Hey, if I wait an extra month, TiP will be closer to the school year and the memories will keep me sane longer." Having gone to both terms, I can officially agree with this statement; term II TIPsters love TIP more, possibly because they're all pretty married to tradition. Term I might want to go there first, but we want it to last as long as possible!

The people in Term II are more fun and interesting. Term II people enjoy TIP more. We are cooler and more fun. We enjoy life more.

Also: Everyone knows Term I is just a dress rehearsal for when the real show is: Term II.

What it Comes Down To

As this page has pointed out, both the terms think they're better. It really shouldn't matter in the end, but it does anyway. TIP is still TIP, whether you go to Term 1 or Term 2.