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This page is for the "That's Debatable" class on the Davidson campus.

2019 - Term 2

Cool people:

  • Tippy D
  • the story of Tippy.D is one shaped by rap and the debate class. Tippy.d was a friendly Dino only wishing to rap for children, but one day tippy (tippy.d’s) evil twin brother shunned tippy.d in front of the law. Tippy.d was arrested until a little while ago when he and tippy sang old town road together. Today you can find tippy.d on the debate classroom desk.
  • John the TA (rip)
  • TA Karen’s not very nice

2019 - Term 1


  • Miss ya'll :(


Mrs. Veronica Peagler Espinosa (Mrs. PE) and Mr. Jackson Paul Stafford (TA).


  • Christian Abidin
  • Isabel Bassin
  • Sarah Butler
  • Anna Huang (onion rights)
  • JT Junkin
  • Hannah Kim (supa dupa swag٩(◕‿◕。)۶ )
  • Ama Mensah-Boone
  • Sydney Massey
  • Keira Mcphilliamy
  • Anders O’Toole
  • Katerina Satsunkevich
  • Max Umminger
  • Aidan Wong (Aidie Boiiii)
  • Esther Yoon (swag broski)
  • Kevin Zhang
  • Carmen Hall

Rad Stuff:

  • Tommy’s debate sign
  • Tommy’s voice cracks
  • Christian is thiccccc
  • Blue team v. Gold team beef
  • Lunch times with Christian
  • Christian and The Clone Factory
  • Kidz Bop dancing
  • Tall Tommy
  • Jackson loves Madee
  • All Star Promposal
  • Keira and Christian AWWWW
  • But actually best ship ever
  • Max and Sarah’s boi fights
  • Pokémon Go
  • Team Mystic rules
  • Josh bullying our whole class
  • What are we in chambers? NONEXISTENT
  • Keira is from da hood
  • Debatable being the best game in existence
  • Cerulean Cult countoffs
  • T-pose countoffs
  • Oh sh*t, a non-credible source
  • Our transgression list during evening study
  • Christian’s dollah bills
  • Singing Fergalicious to embarrass Taylor’s RC group
  • Your non gender specific parental unit is homosexual
  • Sarah, JT, and Isabel getting nothing done during the last debate. Anna does all the work
  • If you had the gavel you were god
  • Mrs. PE was scary but great
  • The whole class helping Jackson and Maddie be together
  • Hannah roasting the judges during final focus
  • Esther being supa dupa nice

Intellectual Quotes:

  • ”You know me, I'm a free spirit”- Max
  • ”Are you insulting lighting McQueen?”- Ama
  • ”I be counting these stacks”- Christian
  • ”Oh shoot, a sock!”- Keira
  • ”You are blonde, therefore, dumb people aren't stupid”- Max
  • ”If it weren't for global warming, little Timmy across the street could achieve his dreams”- Sarah
  • ”If you won't respect my gourmet steaks, I'll do it myself!”- Carmen
  • ”I've seen countries in romance” - Hannah
  • ”A Florida man died in here” - Sarah
  • ”It's the Russians in Florida's fault” - Katerina
  • ”I was once a general in... ASIA! I made friends.. I didn't know what they were saying but it was AMAZING” - Katerina
  • I met Kim Jong Un, he's pretty cool - Hannah

2018 - Term 2



Mr. David Bogojevich (Mr.B) and Ms. Natalie Zur (TA).

  • no u
  • radical sandwich anarchist
  • hot dog is a sandwich
  • pop tart is a sandwich
  • taco is a sandwich
  • mock trail SUCKS
  • death is...death is... death is IRREVERSIBLE -Kyra Balllyeeet final debate
  • ‘ok so..’ ‘YEAH WELL ACTUALLY’ -Kyra and Elizabeth queen book quote that was left out of the term book :(
  • ‘global warming doesn’t exist’- Luke (not the brightest)
  • In my defense, I never said global warming didn’t exist. I said humans aren’t at the root of the problem, so therefore, it’s not worth holding back our economy and the creation of new jobs in order to combat a natural phenomenon that has happened since the beginning of time.
  • Never forget Lukes dating saga- victims include: Ella, Kyra, Elizabeth and Rhea.
  • My response to that sentence on the Dating Saga: Listen, you gotta take the L sometimes, in order to learn from your mistakes and consequently emerge as a better, smarter, wiser person.
  • Plus, at least I caught a W in the last of those 4 tries. That’s called perseverance, and only the real Rocky Balboa would know that.
  • mr b and his BEAUTIFUL NAILS
  • annie can't say y'all
  • kyra and her bad eating habits at lunch of ice cream dipped in fruity pebbles and rice krispies
  • listening to college tours in the library
  • playing the bachelorette debate game with roses
  • TIPate
  • mansplaining 😉

I hope your cheerwine machine breaks :)

2018 - Term 1


Ms. Veronica Espinose Peagler (always referred to as "Ms. P.") and Ms. Natalie Zur (TA).

Notable Ms. P. quotes:

"I know this may not be your first choice, but you're going to have fun!"

"Thank you Beyonce"

Notable events:

Evelyn and The One Raccoon--"My life is a lie."

Pretty much everyone--"That is completely inTIPpropriate!"

Kathy--"I'm a directionalist."

Logan--Your argument is INVALID! I don't know why, but it is IRRELEVANT and HAS NO RELATIONSHIP WITH WHAT WE'RE DOING."

Notable days:

  • Whip Wednesday
  • TapRicardoThursday
  • TapSaachiSaturday

A controversial debate being downgraded to an "intelligent discussion" after a lack of prep time, and then being scrapped entirely.

Going to the Mecklenburg County Courthouse and seeing a 19-year-old get sentenced to 2 months in jail/4 months probation for stealing and crashing a Nissan Centra.

Passionate debate!

2015 - Term 1

First of all, shoutout to our amazing teacher and TA, Heidi Nobles and Kevin Pabst, respectively. And congrats to the ACJA! or the Alliance of Cooperation and Justice for America, or the Andrew Chris Johnny Abby Party. They bribed so many people with buttons and promises that they ultimately broke through, in addition to two winning presidential debates. How could I not put the class "rules down" either?!

1. Debate is great! (That's not debatable) (Orginially had: So Mock Trial can suck it!) 2. Daniel is quick. (Shoutout to the 4 St. Louisians!) 3. Water is wet. 4. Salsa dancing is important, unlike you. 5. It's not coffee, it's 咖啡. 6. The farther you fly, the more votes you get. 7. Ranga-ha-ti-ma-mun-go-yum-ti-rum-guy 8. Bailey is the last airbender. 9. Emotional Titanic Flute: Liek if U cri evritim 10. Prayers before pasta.

2014 - Term 2

The That's Debatable class of 2014 was hands down the best class throughout the entire campus. It involved the several octaves higher laugh of Kevin, rap battles with Jo-Z, random Youtube videos, throwing things on the ground, mutilation, sexual chair harassment (courtesy of Andy), pencil mustaches, and NO FROZEN SONGS. This year, the class was taught by Marcos Del Hierro and TA Kevin Pabst. This class often was often engaging in social justice discussions and discussed highly controversial topics ranging from gun control to LGBTQ rights to abortion. The group also held presidential campaigns which the Freedom Party won. (Because they told the second floor that there were only two parties! The Freedom Party, and THE COMMUNISTS!) This is a list of the students who were in the That's Debatable class:

  • Daniel (He really liked zombies. Him and Marcos were the main reason we heard Kevin's laugh. But a VERY weird person)
  • Maya (By far one of the best debaters in the class, friendly, sweet, extremely funny, pleasantly oppinionated, and an all around good person. Bff's with Chloe from practically first day of camp.)
  • Christina (Talked about porcupines a lot with Ariel? Talked about elephants. For 6 minutes. And thus we learned of Josie's Elephant Laugh)
  • Ariel (Gets high off of Sour Patch Kids. Very high. Liked to talk about killing porcupines with Christina? Very sweet person. Thought blonds smelled like muffins(they don't))
  • Carson (Ginger snap, yo! Good at dealing with being hyper. Drinks coke in large quantities.)
  • Kolya (Koala, vegetarian, and overall decent guy! Has freakishly long arms)
  • Andy (Guangpeng)(Andy, stop thrusting!!! Also our official time keeper from day one.)
  • Karina (Awesome debater that needs to let her hair down more often. Ships Debbie/Oliver. Funny!)
  • Grace (Eat more french fries. Amazing person!)
  • Hope (R.I.P loft bed. Wicked and Doctor Who fan. Amazing singer. Makes you happy.)
  • Chloe (Fell over in her chair in class. Laughs a WHOLE lot. Bff's with Maya since practically first day of camp.)
  • Quillan (The soy sauce is awesome. So is the 'Everything' drink. Provides charisma.)
  • Sidarth (Very outspoken. Has a "girlfriend", and does a really funny Indian accent. Also, Red Bull. Most memorable quote: "if your belly button comes untied, will your butt fall off?")
  • Arella (She played her own love interest and is amazing at delivering speeches. Very intense debater.)
  • Josie Mauer (Elephant laugh, hobo sack, and serial killer look. She will make you laugh.)
  • Olivia (Well-dressed swimmer who has her hair on point. Always. She loved the brownies)
  • Chayne (best George Bush accent in the world by far. A seemingly shy, sweet, respectful guy who needs to get over his love affair with Fox News)

Inside Jokes/Funny Moments:

  • No frozen songs!
  • The Unspoken Rule
  • Watch your privilege
  • Kevin's high-pitched laugh
  • Daniel's jokes make Kevin laugh (MONKEY LIPS)
  • If you do have Mr Nasty, throw it at Daniel.
  • Red Bull and Mountain Dew
  • Josie's awesome laugh (Elephant laugh!)
  • Happy Un-birthday! (Maya and Chloe)
  • Monkey Lips! (and all the weird variations of the game)
  • Kevin and his sunglasses
  • Epic rap battles (Jo Z)
  • Muffin Ariel! Ariel is a MUFFIN!
  • Watching the Colbert Report
  • Portlandia, Frasier, and all the other weird youtube videos we watched
  • Ultimate frisbee(and all the arguing)
  • Chayne's amazing George Bush accent (Obesity)
  • Marcos' sweating
  • We should all run for president (literally.) For sure.
  • (NO) Mutilation
  • Whoever kept on farting in class (Andy!)
  • Weird eyebrow movements (Grace was so good at this) She was.
  • Both weird, nasty animal things popped (thanks, Josie)
  • Mr Nasty getting thrown so hard he stuck to the wall (Or was it the ceiling?)
  • Josie's hobo sack and elephant laugh (serial killer)
  • Mandy always walking in during our weirdest moments
  • Learning the Soulja Boy dance (That was weird)
  • Don't pull a Chloe! (Falling out of chair)
  • Quillan's love for the coffee in the vending machine
  • Kevin's hand drawn pins
  • That time we had an economics debate, and we literally agreed on everything
  • When we lost to engineering 6-0 at ultimate frisbee in about 20 seconds
  • Christina and Ariel shipping anyone who made eye contact. And thinking that everyone who made eye contact with Maya and Chloe liked them.
  • Chloe and Maya(and occasionally other girls) doing the bridge thing. It annoyed people!
  • The random world cup discussions we had
  • Andy's time keeping
  • When Hope gave her speech and we all almost cried
  • The time someone misspelled Sidarth's name(with 2 d's), and it was like WWII. He got sooooo mad!
  • Quinlan and Siddarth - oops