The Baby Dispenser

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The Baby Dispenser was a small monkey gumball dispenser full to the brim with King's Cake Babies. The Babies were handed out in The Duke East 2019 Crackhead Lounge until Christian (that ***) banned girls going into second and third floor boys' lounges. Then, the dispenser was found either with Jack Heidrick or on the first floor Pegram Lounge. Jack Heidrick brought this legend to Tip and handed out the babies to his friends, who in turn scattered them across campus. Members of Crackhead Lounge were known to wear them on their lanyards and freak out other classmates/staff with them. Sadly, it was stolen from first floor Pegram at the end of term and never given back. If you have any information on the whereabouts of the baby dispenser, please dm @jack_heidrick or any of the other members listed on Instagram.