The Bromance

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The Bromance on "Be Josh Day" on Pegram Bench. The RAG was known for being extremely bromantic.

The Bromance refers to Josh's RAG of 4th year guys during TIP East Term One, which lived on the second floor of Pegram. It was essentially the envy of both tipsters and residential staff because of its overwhelming amount of awesomeness. The Bromance was known for its excessive hellos, teen partyboying, and chanting.


The following is a list of members of the Bromance:

  • Rob Hawkes
  • Joseph Lubrano
  • Amar Reddy
  • Harrison
  • Jacob Martin
  • Socks James Rowan
  • Isaiah Stackleather
  • Russell Gray IV
  • Roland Wen
  • Daniel Sosnovsky
  • Michael Liu
  • Zach Braunstein
  • Lars Arney
  • Ian Maynor
  • Josh (RC)

Notable Accomplishments

  • The annihilation of a Vermonster in 1:51
  • 10 out of 14 guys in relationtips
  • Completion of the Great Door of Duct Tape
  • Grammy-nominated rendition of "100 Bottles of Josh on the Wall"
  • Played a key role in Pegram's Term One 2011 Quadfest victory
  • Defeated the staff ultimate team 15-9 under the lead of James aka "Socks", the best handler in TIP history
  • The destruction of a nalgene bottle through brute force (NOT bpa free)
  • Discovery of the Weeping Yogi
  • Cockblocking the crap out of Jaffe (until diminishing his manhood after the Vermonster challenge and leading to the termination of his relationtip)
  • Being noted as the closest RAG all of TiP administration has seen

Stories from the Bromance