The EPIC Harry Potter Prank

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Since the last word of the first pook was printed, Harry Potter and TIPsters have had a special bond. With the release of every book and movie, TIPsters AND staff Members were subcombed to Potter MANIA! Many TIPsters don't believe it's humanly (or magically) possible for a person to attend TIP without extensive knowledge of the series. Harry Potter + Water = A healthy happy TIPster

In pursuit of tradition, July 15th 2011 was no exception. TIPsters across the globe were on edge for the last release of the most waited for film of the series, and most likely the most legit.

With it not being possible for Term II TIPsters to attend the midnight premiere, TIPsters residing at Texas A&M arranged the next best possible thing: A 4th year prank.

But this Prank was to be more epic than your oridinary 4th year prank. This prank, was in honor of Harry Potter..and it was strictly against the new and hated NO PRANKS rule imposed by the new OSD Nelson.

The Beginning

For years Texas A&M TIPsters have had the privlege to attend not only the greatest summer program ever, but to attend the greatest summer program ever lead by the greatest OSD of all time: David. But, to the sadness and heartbreakage of many, David did not return for TIP 2011 (investigation as to why underway).

The new OSD was Nelson who is strict, mean, humorless, and boring.Nelson placed several stupid new rules for the Term II TIPsters such as NO hall parties, NO dance raids, and NO PRANKS! naturally, the 4th years made it their mission to lead their fellow TIPsters in revolution against these un-TIPlike rules.

The Plot

Decorate every inch of Moses Dorm hallways in honor of Harry Potter after lights out.

The Plan

A large amount of credit for the Prank's origin is due to Kat M, Duke TIP TAMU 4th year of 2011, Twin of Audrey , bestfriends of Dallas, Ame, Jessi and Megan, a 4th year 4th year 4th year, and dresser-drawer Karate chopping epicness.

After the invention of the Prank's foundation, it was added too and enlarged into the full-on epicness that it became. Perhaps the greatest addition to the prank was the involvment of the RC's. Kendall and Whit were the only two RC's to return from previous years, and weighing the pros and conns, the 4th years cautiously approached Kendall to ask for her help in the prank (Though of course, Kendall is awesome and a true TIPster so caution, if it even was used, was not needed). Kendall then went on to get the aid of ALL the RC's, talk about your loyalty to TIP and not silly new rules.


At 12 a.m. all 4th years arose from their beds, and began to decorate the halls of Moses TIP-HP-Style. Special attention was payed to Nelson's door. The RC's roamed throughout the halls yelling for kids to go to bed, leaving unsuspecting senior staff-members clueless to the happenings above their snoozing heads.

The Aftermath

Underconstruction due to lack of photos AND NOBODY'S TOLD ME ANYTHING YET!!

He still hasn't torn them down and all the rc groups went and saw the movie it was epic :-)