The Kara Knights

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The Kara Knights are a RC group that was at Davidson Term One of the year 2013


  • Jenny
  • Delaney
  • Ting Ting
  • Neha
  • CC
  • Abby
  • Austen
  • Emma
  • Saya
  • Kirin

Honorary Members

  • Jennifer (Aine's RC group)
  • Megan (Jennifer's RC group)

Jennifer and Megan were always in Jenny's room and were basically a part of our group.

Our Awesome Buddy RC group

  • Rachel, the RC
  • Morgan
  • Thea
  • Madison
  • Eliza
  • Larisa
  • Haylee
  • Charlotte
  • Rachel
  • Rose
  • Cynthia

Best Friends of our Members That Deserve a Shoutout for Being Awesome

Jenny: Nick, Brian, Ben, Brad, Max, Haylee, and Maggie

Delaney: Lawrence, Emily, Thea, and Rachel

CC: The Shadow Council

Ting Ting: Cynthia, Johanna, Joy

The Beginning

Almost everybody had arrived except for Neha's roomie, aka Jennipher with a "ph"

The entire RC group went around asking people if they were Jennipher with a "ph" When she arrived, they proceeded to surround her and introduce themselves. From that point on, TIP was changed.

Notable Quotes

"The more caffeine, the better, kids!"

"I tickled a dead cat."

"I am not a glowing bunny!"

"Pegasi are my my favorite unicorns"

"Are you Jennipher with a "ph"?"

"You can't hurt kids." -"Oh yes I can!"

"I'm a dinosaur~"


"Over-roasted turkey"

"NEVER have fun, ever"

"But I loveee jello!"

"Sunday, fun day is my life!"

Our specialties

Abby: Manages to somehow hear Japanese as "Jeffney"

Delaney: Creates a milkshake soooo amazing, that it brings all the boys to the yard

CC: To completely cover her nametag (which was an entire sheet of paper) in doodles in less than 2 days of class

Neha: Tickle a dead cat. Then laugh manically.

Saya: Speak Japanese.

Ting Ting: Be a dinosaur

Austen: Have absolutely boingy and bouncy hair

Kiran: Make the best buildings of all time

Jenny: Manages to touch at least 10 trees while at Davidson. Also manages to run into one while playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Kara: Over-rule all other RC's, and TIP and be a queen


  • Megan, Jenny, and Ting Ting slid around on socks during one free time. It was banned the next day.
  • Jenny was once late to an RC group meeting because she was convincing Brian to ask Megan to the dance (Which he DIDN'T DO)
  • Brian, Ben, Brad, Nick, Alex, Max, and Robbity Rob Rob Rob all smelled beautiful (Jenny's perfume) on opposite day
  • Austen and Emma threw paper towels at each other after light's out
  • Neha only ate jello once for dinner
  • Abby gave Kara love advice. It was quite deep.

Two random Koreans

  1. The Willis Tower is two dams high
  2. Son of a beach
  3. Sheet of paper
  4. You as hole
  5. Mouth chicken hit

This page is the work of Jenny