The Legend of the Weeping Yogi

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This is the story of how the weeping yogi came to be...

And it came to pass, there was a young yogus by the name of Gitartha. He was born on the desert planet of Tatooine without feet so he always crawled around wherever he went. One day, he was crawling through what is today yellowstone park, when out of a geyser came a cave troll riding a velociraptor who stole the young yogus' clothes. Unable to keep up due to the lack of feet, the yogus wept. Out of the clearing came yet another weeping disrobed yogus by the name of Lex Kent. It was apparent to Gitartha that Lex Kent had a pair of feet on his back. To console his fellow yogus, Gitartha wept with Lex for 9 months. After this occurrence, they realized it was their destiny to retrieve the clothes. They knew they had to combine by the power of their tears to enter the shadow realm and defeat the cave troll. By Gitartha standing on Lex Kent's back where the feet were as he crouched, they combined to a yogi and entered the shadow realm to retrieve their clothes. Upon their encounter with the cave troll, they combined Mortal Combat skills to vanquish him with a combined power blast. They then spent the rest of their days without worries, but with clothes, paping and rillaging across the galaxy. 

Observing from a distance was a night elf hunter, level 42. Upon witnessing this spectacle, he found the nearest ent and pulled off its left ring finger. He sat, carving at it, until he had finally reconstructed the weeping yogi he had seen. In respect for it, he shot the relic into space with his bow assembled from the bones of his fallen enemies. The relic orbited the earth for approximately 7,000 years.

This past April 2011, while Russell Gray IV was sleeping in his Kansas home, said relic crashed through the roof and landed in his room. He then dreamt of this occurrence, and his spirit defender sent him on a vision quest to discover the true meaning of the event. He decided that he must use the relic for good. Upon realizing what this meant, russell brought it to the one place the most good happens, the duke east campus in Durham, North Carolina to the talent identification program for gifted youth. Still unsure of it's extraordinary power, it sat in Russell's room. In the second week, Russell had another dream. He had a dream that one day he could play a match of ultimate frisbee that would not be one sided such as the student tournament dominated by Watercolors. Thus, the idea for the week 3 weeping yogi tournament was born. Combining sugar, spice, and everything nice (and coincidentally chemical X), the tournament was born. Elite players of thine 4th year acting as co-captians assembled to select their worthy minions. Matches were fought, blood was shed, lives were lost, and one team reigned supreme: team rocking body. Russells guardian came to thine one last time and beckoned to him to bestow the weeping yogi upon a 3rd year member of his team that demonstrated excellence on the playing field. The choice was apparent, and as Russell grasped the yogi hard, they decided that Chris Drawdy would be the first heir to the idol. To complete the transformation, the selected new owner of the weeping yogi must venture to thine yonder stage and reenact the process of morphing into the weeping yogi with the current owner. The tournament shalt be held annually to decide who passes on the legend of the weeping yogi. This tournament must be held annually out of respect for the yogi to ensure that they do not return to pape and rillage tip. May the yogi be with you.

  • DISCLAIMER* the 'facts' portrayed in this story are Not actual fact, but the creation of Russell Gray and Harrison.
  • DISCLAIMER* Ignore the previous disclaimer. These facts are actual facts.

Year Holder
2012 Chris Drawdy (Christian Krueger was the original intended recipient, but he had already received The Watercolors Frisbee, so we wanted to spread the love.)
2013 Eliot Harrison