The Mad Hatter's Cafe

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Yum. While the service is regularly slow, it houses good smoothies, cookies, brownies, general desserts, coffee, and the best cakes ever (if you know which to get). The German Chocolate is heavenly. Not even kidding. If you've ever had REAL Mexican food, give the quesadillas a pass, no matter how much you may be craving them; you will wind up gagging and wondering how they qualify as food, let alone Mexican. (Try the Cosmic?)

This was one of the main hangouts of Apocalypse Soon Term 1 '08, as Gerry was the coolist teacher EVER.

Apocalypse Soon Term 2 '10 hung out there on Hipster Tipster Tuesday while reading "Cat's Cradle."

Big Screen Little Screen Term 1 '11 wrote screenplays and shot short films here (the staff allowed us to in return for buying out 1/4 of their bakery items, no joke).