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Who the Heck are the Mouseketeers?

The Mouseketeers, more exclusively known as the Clubhouse Cult, are a group of students under RC Aisha at Trinity 2016 (Term 2) that had many fun adventures together. Their debut was "The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song" at TipSync. This made the group realize their hidden talents and do many other singing events. The most important one was the sing-off between The Mousketeers and Vanshika's Crazies. This group was most definitely the best group of 2016.

Everyone’s most likely

Aisha – Most likely to own a clubhouse Yovel – Most likely to silently plan your murder Ryan - Most likely to become a professional violinist Jayan - Most likely to interpretively dance Andrew - Most likely to #meme teme Jaxson - Most likely to have a rip somebody’s (fake) ears Samuel - Most likely to Sam theory Derek - Most likely to mess up laundry Maxx - Most likely to have the best yo-yo skills in the room Ben - Most likely to start the Macarena Tony - Most likely to finger gun a bad pun Dylan - Most likely to knock on everyone’s door Anthony - Most likely to become a famous actor Brent - Most likely to make Ramen catch fire

Inside Jokes

The stupidest thing of any camp is always the inside jokes. However, these small things are still very important. If anyone from this class knows some I have not written, feel free to add them.

  • Craab

Nope, it isn't misspelled. This one started in the middle of the term when coming home from a movie theatre. Students Brent and Jayan decided to play cards. Instead of using a more explicit word, we used the euphemism of "Craab".

  • Becky the Apple

Becky was an apple who reincarnated multiple times.

  • The Lefty Dab

Why conform to a normal dab when you can do the amazing lefty dab?

  • Oh!

This was a chant started to symbolize our power as one. However, it was a fail when we needed it the most.

  • Grass are people too, Tony!

Tony assaulted and murdered a ton of grass on the basis that it was green. Judging people based off the color of their pigments is so 1930s.

  • The Useless Sprinkler

Some sprinklers do their job, but when it is flooding a patch of dirt, I think it isn't.

  • Maxx is Lucas

A kid named Lucas from Alex's RC group has been trying to steal Maxx's identity for 3 weeks. Because of this, Lucas is called Maxx, and Maxx is called Lucas.


Oh, no. This section covers all the things that most people want to forget.

  • The Flaming Ramen

By: Brent So what happens when your ramen is ablaze? If you do absolutely nothing that all those millions of fire drills tells you to do, you did exactly what I did. My roommate was showering when I stuck the ramen in the microwave for about a minute. I sat on my bed when I smelled smoke. I walked over to the microwave, and to my shock, it was ON FIRE! Luckily, it was contained and no one was injured, and no property was destroyed.

  • The Dead Squirrel


Aisha vs. Vanshika

During the talent show, Aisha and Vanshika were having a sing off to see who is the best rc. It ended up a tie and they decided to end the rivalry. (In a good way) At first, both rc groups didn't like it, but after a while, they started getting used to it.

The Mouse Clubhouse

Here is a list of all the kids in this amazing group.

RC: Aisha

Mathematical problem solving Brent, Jaxson

Web Apps Dylan, Yovel

Mock Trial Tony, Maxx

Engineering Ryan

Beyond Baker Street Anthony

Modern Medicine Samuel, Derek

Algebra II Jayan Ben

Art and Tech Andrew

The Ship Has Sailed

Kandrew Ship

Savel Ship


Yovel was made the leader of a new religion, which was created by Samuel Kim. Many people wanted to join, but to do so you had to climb the highest mountain, grill a burger there and eat it. It is a very limited club.