The Official Crown 4 Haylee's Trap Queen

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In 2015, at Duke East Term 1, in Revolution and Terror, Katie Brandao, a fourth year, and Will Meynardie, a third year, fought constantly over who was Haylee Peters', a third year, trap queen. Will still has no idea what it meant. Katie probably didn't either, but there's no way to know for sure. Nonetheless, they fought constantly over who was Haylee's trap queen. One day, Katie came in with a party hat and wrote the words, "The Official Crown 4 Haylee's Trap Queen" on it in Sharpie. This, understandably, hurt Will, for he thought he was Haylee's trap queen, but here's Katie with a hat as proof! How could he argue that he's Haylee's trap queen when Katie had the official crown? Will carried out the rest of the term in a state of extreme sadness over the lost battle for Haylee's Trap Queen status, but received a light at the end of the term when Katie bequeathed him the hat in her will. He could finally say, without challenge, that he was Haylee's Trap Queen!

The next year, Will brought the Crown back, to Haylee's surprise, as proof that he was her Trap Queen. At the second dance, Trap Queen was played and Haylee and Will danced together to it. It was at that moment that Will knew what to do with the Crown. Before the third dance, he told RC Niko to make an announcement before playing Trap Queen, "This song is dedicated to Haylee Peters and her Trap Queen." He found Hailey Maxwell, a third year in his class who he had already been planning on giving the Crown to, during the song preceding Trap Queen and told her to watch and pay close attention. When the song came on, Niko made his announcement, and Haylee and Will (wearing the Crown, of course), took the Marketplace steps and danced the same way they did at the previous dance, only this time with the campus looking on and Will occasionally opening up The Pimp Robe to reveal his shirtless body, all the while running through the crowd of TIPsters. At the end of the song, he found Hailey and presented her with the Crown, telling her, "The reason I wanted you to pay attention is because you'll be doing this next year!" Hailey would assume the role of "Trap Daddy" who is responsible for finding a Trap Queen in her year to crown. The Trap Daddy and her Trap Queen would dance to Trap Queen together, and at the end of the song during the last dance, they would crown another Haylee/Hailey/Haley/Hayley to name the Trap Daddy. If no suitable Haylee/Hailey/Haley/Hayley's can be found, a name that rhymes with it, such as Bailey or Kaleigh is acceptable. The new Trap Daddy finds her own Trap Queen, and the cycle continues.

Trap Daddies and Their Trap Queens

Year Trap Daddy Trap Queen
2015 Haylee Peters Katie Brandao
2016 Haylee Peters Will Meynardie
2017 Hailey Maxwell