The Origins Of Modern Law: Time and Punishment

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The Origins of Modern Law: Time and Punishment is a class about, you guessed it: the origins of modern law.

Davidson Term 2 2016


Chris, Anthony, Samuel, Kyle, Atticus But lets be honest, it's RADICUS[1] Bryanna, Gabi, Alexis, Saraiya (ITS ME), Rachel, Anthony, Kyle, Ashley, Ebenezer, Aiden, Jack, and Shawn (And there's Linden, who was an honorary Modern)


Chris: Most likely to stick up for Socrates (The guy was a little self centered. Socrates, not Chris.)

Samuel: Most likely to sass his way to the top

Attics: Most likely to get a RAD nickname (RADICUS!!!)

Bryanna: Most likely to be a greedy pope (This had to do with a Feudalism simulation using jolly ranchers.) (I gave you all my jolly ranchers in the end!)

Gabi: Most likely to be "too dang nice" (I can vouch that this isn't true at all.) (ayyy! Im nice!-gabicat)

Alexis: Most likely to squat (I can't even explain this but it was hilarious.)

Saraiya: Most likely to fangirl (Okay but how could you not fangirl over PJO and P!ATD. HOW?!?)

Rachel: Most likely to keep up with the Kardashians (The girl's obsessed.)

Anthony: Most likely to nap on a bench (We were all extremely jealous.)

Kyle: Most likely to spontaneously play the harmonica (In a Dr. Who robe I think?)

Ashley: Most likely to accidentally roast your dad

Ebenezer: Most likely to suggest toilet paper brands

Aiden: Most likely to be a secret ninja (The kid was just so darn quiet, but he was cool so it's good.)

Jack: Most likely to say seven (In the counting game.) (Machine gun)

Shawn: Most likely to not want a superlative (Or a hug from Samuel.)

Betsy (Teacher): Most likely to teach you some cool dance moves

Jackson (TA): Most likely to have to explain his jokes (He did, however, on the last day make Saraiya giggle even though it barely counted he decided that it did.)


Modern Law was infamous for our songs. They were remixes of nursery rhymes and the such. We were asked many times for our autographs, cds, and the dates of our tour which is never.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat:

Row, row, row your boat

Gently UP the Nile

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily

Egypt's laws are wild (alexis's hand waves)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:

Twinkle twinkle little star

Join our Socratic Seminars

Up above the world so high

Like Hammurabi killing those guys

Twinkle twinkle little star

Join our Socratic Seminars

The Abc's:

ABCDEFG: Modern law is what you need

HIJKLMNOP: If you want to be as cool as we/me (It was being debated)

QRSTUV: Chambers building is where we'll be

WXYZ: Now it's time to go party

Inside Jokes

Radicus, who we basically worshiped


Socrates' ego (Basically our hatred for him minus Ebeneezer of course)

Out chant (A chant made up by Samuel that the modern law squad instantly adopted)

No one laughing at Jackson's jokes



UPS Store

"1" "2" "2" "1" "2" "2"

Samuel over-exaggerating

What's the definition of justice?

Funny Moments

One day we were debating about lowering the age that you could drink in America, and Ashley went on a long and hilarious rant and then ended it up with "And you will be poor, and end up working in an UPS store. The answer to this was Alexis saying "My dad works at a UPS store!!" and everyone laughing but those two. Yeah.

Sam trying to teach us how to play Jello and getting frustrated at us, especially Bryanna who made it her mission to hit the next person's hand, as slowly as she possibly could. That was great.

Jackson ranting about how he always thinks people are raising their hands when they aren't.

Kyle sleeping on trees

Once when we were having a mock trial Alexis (Defense Lawyer) asked Anthony (Thomas Jefferson) why he said in the Declaration of Independence why he said slaves weren't people. Anthony tried to stay in character by saying "Maybe they aren't people." Alexis had no more questions after that.

The one time Alexis went to go get drink and she came back and told her story about how the drink wasnt coming out in a Samuel way and it was beautiful.



Concentration (toilet paper brands)

The Dr. Pepper Game


Judging Radicus haha

Over the last couple days touching Radicus' hair: SO MUCH GEL

Getting a bowl of just Queso and nominating someone every time to get another plate of fries so that the whole table could dip them into the queso and eat it. (I think we got through ten plates of fries before, and only half the bowl of queso) (And how judgmental the cafeteria staff were)

Playing cards

And playing more cards

All we really did was play cards

Someone please edit this cause it's horrible but we didn't have a page and it sorta sucked so I decided to make one for our term. MUCH LOVE- Saraiya