The Party

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The Party is a metaphorical "party" that was started by Manuela Martinez at Georgia Tech 2014 Term II. She was known for repeating to several people, "The Party follows me!" Ironically, she dislikes dancing at parties and constantly stands around awkwardly or plays ERS, only participating in traditional dances. (Hopefully, I'll change that next year for my 4th year).

After a while, she began speaking with her friend, Stella Pruitt, a 4th year in her Writing With Power class, saying "The Party follows us!" Still ironic, because for the first dance Stella did only sit around and play ERS (she danced at the following dances, though!). In the last week, this grew to include Camila Basora, a "Miami-an." She was also in Manuela's RAG as well as her class.

At the end of term, Stella wrote in her will something along the lines of "To Camila and Manuela, The Party can't follow me around anymore, so it'll have to follow you two." I'll get the complete quote when I get home.