The Pegram Hallway Matress Party

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During the last night at Duke East Term I, eight pegramites were sitting in the hallway, bored. Around 2 AM -ish, they began to get tired. Since six of the eight TIPsters were in relationTIPs, the girls made the guys go get mattresses out of their dorm rooms, since they couldn't do it themselves without . Three matresses were retreived, and were broken down such. Zana and Jesus/Alex on one , Calvin and Imagine on the second, and Johnny and Kendall on the third. After a short period, Zana and Jesus left, and Max and sat on their mattress, and (since they were not involved in a relationTIP) made awkward conversation with Calvin, Imagine, Johnny, and Kendall, until Alex the RC made them put the mattresses back in the dorms because of a ludicrous claim that they were a fire hazard.

It is somewhat note-worthy that none of the participants involved in relationTIP activities of dubious TIPpropriate-ness were able to return as fourth years. A conspiracy is suspected, partially because of a purported vendetta Alex the RC held agains three or more of the mentioned TIPsters

This was not the first time mattress parties were held in hallways, and will most certainly not be the last, though it was definitely the sexiest.