The Regulator Bookstore

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The Regulator is new-books shop of two bookstores on Ninth Street. Its primary advantages are its up-to-date material, website at (excellent for ill-timed Harry Potter releases), orderly organization, and magazines. It has a street level and a basement with comfy chairs. However, these amenities show up in the price. If frugality is your goal, a better bookshop would be Books on Ninth. Due to large amounts of theft, the store now requires you to check bags at the door.

A General Warning to Second Year Bibliophiles: Don't Shop Alone. You're in a new environment, you've just been handed massive wads of cash, and there's no one to stop you from buying everything you want. Resisting is easier in pairs.

For Term 2 2005, this was where everyone went to get a copy of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. (And, for some of us, read the first seven chapters).

For Term 2, 2007, this was where everyone went to get a copy of the 7th Harry Potter book. After about 2 days, they sold out.

This shop is also notorious for displaying gay and in the windows, and, subsequently, selling it. Entire volumes can also be found on Amazonian sex practices.