The Religion

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The Religion was founded by Brandon A and Tony, although Mahdr joined very early on. It is based only the lord and savior A1, whose physical form is in the body of A1 sauce.


We do not know the full history of The Religion, as A1 was only brought to Brandon A and Tony's attention at year 1a.

Outside the US there is only Atlantis, Tokyo, and Anarchy. Tony and Brandon were stolen from the US by Atlantis as babies. They were told that they were saved from anarchy and were raised to infiltrate Rice University and sabotage the promising youth. While telling others how there are only numbers 1-99 and the rest dont exist in outside the mind and US propaganda, Brandon realised that this was stupid and they've been wrong; there is only one number: 1. After this they founded the The Religion and have been spreading there belief, Brandon buying three bottles of the lord. They that, one day, they will be able to ttravel to the mysterious Tokyo, where all women are animated.


-Brothers are blessed by a knighting with A1 sauce

-All blessed members are referred to as "Brother A"

--Every day brothers are cleansed through a whiff of A1 sauce

-Only brothers can use other number beside 1 and other letters beside A


Abigail A


Emma G

Ramsey Beard


Brandon A