The manhattan project

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Background Information

The manhattan project was the codename for Brennan's stash of water balloons during term II @ UGA, 2009. It all started when an unused box of water balloons was discovered abandoned at the backside of the dorm (they were most likely left-overs from either the carnival or some evening activity). They were then filled up via the water fountain and the bathroom sinks. The name really originates from the method of storing the balloons, which was done by taking the two of the free buckets given to tipsters at UGA's dorms and taping them together in an extremely conspicuous way. Then, on the side of the buckets, Manhattan project was written.


It was some time during the last week when Brennan was presented with the perfect opportunity to use the manhattan project. A group of tipsters were hanging out in the bottom of one of the stairwells when Brennan sees them from three flights up. He leaves and doesn't reappear for a few minutes. When he reappears he hurtles three or four water balloons down the stairwell, followed by a number more. The story is told that he was then seen by the RC Adam, who later told Brennan's RC Geoff Toy the following:

Adam: Hey Geoff.

Geoff: Hmmm?

Adam: I just saw your kid Brennan throwing water balloons down the stairwell.

Geoff: What?

Adam: But.... He had a towel...

Geoff: Oh. Its cool then.

—Adam and Geoff