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TiPdition is a word Hector started saying toward the second week of his third year TiP, Rice University. By definition TiPdition means, or literally translates to a tradition that happens at TiP. It is usually used in a phrase such as "it's TiPdition man" or " Y'all gotta do it cause it's TiPdition" How the word came to be: One day as Alex, Bobby, Camp, and Hector were eating breakfast someone came up and asked Hector why he always wore a hat. So he responded with, "I dunno maybe because I like the Texas Rangers; but most likely because it's TiPdition man and I can dig it." Thus in a single moment TiPdition became a word and started to get its way around the Quad. So if your a Tipster returning this year try convincing your friends to eat a Flaming Pineapple and persuade your notation by saying it's TiPdition dude.