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Mailing List(s)

Put information on any TIP related mailing lists here. Also, what do you think about starting a Google Group for tipsters.

Should we start a tip google group?

Duke East 2005 Term 1

You can view information on the list here and register by sending an email to [1].

Tip Groups

hm.. nice post dude!



  • @Tipsters_for_life (has been around since September 16th 2014)
  • @duketip2018 : Official Davidson 2018 Term 1 Instagram.
  • @localtipsters: tip themed memes
  • @duketipconfessions: anon tip confessions
  • @beautifulbluehawk - davidson 2018 term 1 memes. surprised no one added this.


...and many more. Searching "Duke TIP" and browsing their Related Groups brings various others.


If you want to be added to the group chats, text me: (832) - 610 - 0080

Class Web Sites

TIPster Web Sites

Old/Yet-to-be-Updated TiP Sites