Tip For First Years

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Welcome Tipsters

Welcome first year Tipsters! This is the wonderful tipwiki, and the mediocre page I've created to help you settle in. Tip isn't just an academic camp- it's a growing, living thing full of lore and traditions. At smaller campuses, that are specifically for first and second years, traditions aren't around as much or able to be passed down as easily, which is why we have this wiki. Anyways, I hope this page originally created by Brooke Huffman can help introduce you to Tip!

How To Use The Tipwiki To Your Advantage

For beginners, getting to know your campus and class is probably the most important thing to start with on the wiki. That being said, i would start by searching your class title, and then your campus. Read the full page, try to gather as much info as you can. Next, try the categories page and see the many different pages revolving around your campus. My pet project has become categorizing every page by campus, but it's been tough considering how many pages there are in the wiki.

Starting At A Small Campus

Smaller campuses are less tradition packed and more modern and in the moment. There are some traditions that stay, but they eventually fade out, or move to other campuses with the tipsters that started them. Being a tipster at a small campus is all about getting a taste of the tip lifestyle, but not completely being emerged in everything. All you need to focus on is the people around you at that time and place, not people who came before you. Now, that doesn't mean there isn't lore surrounding your campus. I know when I was at Wake, my friend discovered the wiki and started telling me all sorts of legends and we would confirm them with RC's, and it was my first idea of what it was like to have people actually make a mark on tip before you were even there.