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I'm crossposting this comment to all relevant pages that I can think of because I really want it to get out. A lot of recent edits by Davidson members are lacking in the professional style that we're looking for at the wiki, even making otherwise professional articles into more of a "discussion board" or "chat room." Since on the wiki we believe in action rather than mere complaints, I'm going to start tagging {{Cleanup}}, on said articles, or even deleting them, but since it's such a large quantity I wanted to address the editors doing this and direct them to this loverly page here. They have valuable information and I'd hate to end up accidentally altering the content. Sorry if I come across as a bit of a grumpy old hen, but this is an encyclopedia and not a chat room. Though tongue-in-cheek ain't quite so bad. Memoriae 10:34, 8 October 2006 (MDT)