Tisha's paleantologists

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Probably one of the closest RAGs at East Term II. Could usually be found together in one central location, or atleast in small groups. Somehow managed to get the word "hella" into the term book.


Grace: most likely to have hella eyeliner

Laura: mosy likely to be Scarlett Johanssons's long lost twin

Ashley: nail polish drug dealer

Emily: designated hair/make-up artists

Julie: nicest hair and person

Anwesha: raddest clothing

Isabelle: person with the most connections

Gillian: most likely to be the next ukulele-playing Obama (don't question it)

Joye: the light of everyone's souls

Natalie: most likely to irresponsibly spend money on H2O

Charlotte: cutest card master

Isabella: most likely to succeed in life

Tisha (RC): best 2nd mom ever!

Quotes and Stories

• "So friends, so cards, SoCal."

• "Honey, do you love me?"

• "We were social, we were just social with eachother!"